why is it called swamp rabbit trail
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Swamp rabbits are well named—they prefer to live in swampy lowlands, floodplains, cypress swamps, and along edges of rivers and creeks. (2 Tips) 8 Tips and reviews. Many of the other “Swamp Rabbits” you’ll find around our city are due to the popularity + proximity of the trail. While we work hard to provide accurate and comprehensive information, readers are encouraged to check original sources in addition to our site. However, once you reach Conestee you’ll find an oasis of calm. And of course, since it’s located right off the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail, the SRC promotes kindness and gives encouragement to bikers and trail users by providing water and restrooms. Mist people are friendly and use good trail ettiquette. Be careful and make sure no one else is in your track! The species has a strong preference for wet areas, and it will take to the water and swim. Why a trail and why is it named after a rabbit? As you slither your way through the forestry entering Cleveland Park you can pay your respects to the men and women who have served our country at the Major Rudolf Anderson Jr. Memorial Airplane. Swamp rabbits are found in the Gulf Coast and south-central region of the United States. ‘SR’ identifies the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Our Swamp Rabbit Trail is a wonderful asset to our community. There are suggested connection routes to take you to Conestee, but they travel busy thoroughfares and aren’t recommended with younger cyclists. Get our FREE monthly bucket list packed with family fun! Filter: trails; greenville; biking; Log in to leave a tip here. Loved this trail so much! My wife, kids and grandkids have taken many a ride from downtown Greenville to Furman for a picnic or onward to Travelers Rest. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Range and habitat. Google "swamp rabbit trail attack", and you'll see a few hits, not at night, and not that long ago. The trail starts in Travelers Rest (often referred to as “TR”), the gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains. That’s because in 2009 the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail first opened to our community + has continued to develop into the 22-mile multi-use greenway system we all know and love today. Filter: biking; trails; clean; Log in to leave a tip here. A couple of access points allow visitors to connect to the path that circles Swan Lake, and just before Duncan Chapel Road (about MM27.5), you’ll spot the old rail car that marks the location of a public parking lot and rest stop. Post. Toledo, Ohio 1,384 contributions 119 helpful votes. It’s completely free and you can visit the parks on your own schedule through the summer. Across from the park and just up the hill is one of my favorite little areas of the trail that I call the “Swamp Rabbit Roller Coaster”. Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Soon after crossing Roe Ford Rd. 6 Tips and reviews. He called the closing of the Swamp Rabbit Trail a public safety measure that was necessary for several reasons. If there is an emergency on the trail, please call 911 and locate the nearest trail stencil to notify dispatchers of your location on the trail. All Rights Reserved. making statements with no real purpose just for the sake of stating it. Framable, this appealing map of the Swamp Rabbit Trail is printed on high quality high gloss coated stock. They spend the day under cover and emerge at dusk to forage. Sort: Popular; Recent; Rose T. May 4, 2013. Happy trails! 02-14-2015, 12:17 PM bikeoid : 1,708 posts, read 2,330,934 times Reputation: 980. Kidding Around Greenville is a for-profit website owned by Bethany Winston, LLC that provides free content through paid sponsorships. This trail is awesome! For more information on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, please visit the Greenville County Rec website, and for maps of the trail click here. The trail currently stops just north of Greenville Technical College’s main campus, at South Pleasantburg Drive, and resumes north of Lake Conestee Nature Park at Parkins Mill and Mauldin Rd. Park Hop is an annual event that challenges your children to visit parks over the summer while earning prizes. A spur trail within the park connects the Swamp Rabbit to Conestee Park (where the playground and dog park are), while the main trail winds around with the Reedy River to the historic Conestee Mill and dam. View consultant presentation and video recording of the September 24, 2020 virtual meeting.. View consultant presentation from the December 17, 2019 post-design meeting.. View consultant presentation from the November 4, 2019 kick-off meeting.. For planning purposes, the study area is called the Swamp Rabbit Trail Extension Corridor … complete overview of the Lake Conestee portion of the Swamp Rabbit Trail. It is great to see it continually expanding, and everyone expects the boon to businesses along the trail to continue. There is yet another extension slated for construction starting next January that will connect Cleveland Park and the Verdae development off the Motor Mile, and long-range plans have discussed bringing the trail all the way to Cedar Falls Park. The Swamp Rabbit will continue to grow offering fun, non-motorized recreation and transportation opportunities wherever it goes. While government is spending useful monies on expanding the trail, I believe it is time to spend money on maintenance of the existing trail. The nearly 20-mile Greenville Health System (GHS) Swamp Rabbit Trail links the cities of Travelers Rest and Greenville in upstate South Carolina via a former railroad corridor. As late as 2005, the head of a Greenville conservation group hiked the route "armed with a machete" because the propos… And that’s a Greenville core value as well. ©2021 Bethany Winston, LLC. Runners, walkers, cyclists and skaters now travel on the path once traversed by locomotives and train cars. Then push on another two miles to reach the Swamp Rabbit Café (MM31.5) and the outskirts of downtown Greenville. Where the Swamp Rabbit Trail turns to pass under South Academy Street, you know you’ve reached the Children’s Garden at Linky Stone Park (MM33.5), a perfect place to stop and rest before entering downtown. Sort: Popular; Recent ; Jason Trommetter July 6, 2013. The old Carolina, Knoxville, and Western Railway line was nicknamed for the large cottontail rabbit that roamed these parts back in the day, and although the tracks have been replaced by a paved trail (and locomotives by runners, walkers, and cyclists), the name stuck. If you are assaulted and survive, expect to be issued a $250 appearance ticket for being on the trail after dark. I’ve been reluctant to ride the trail because it’s still a work in progress. Ok, got it. I call that good community. Predators of swamp rabbits … Other common names for the swamp rabbit include marsh rabbit and cane-cutter. That’s because in 2009 the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail first opened to our community + has continued to develop into the 22-mile multi-use greenway system we all know and love today. The curiously named Swamp Rabbit Trail follows the former right-of-way of what was once the Greenville & Northern Railway, a short line running north from Greenville, South Carolina. What’s your favorite portion of the Swamp Rabbit Trail? The rabbits are often found near water and in the cover of thickets, stumps, or fallen trees. Be sure to check out the Kidding Around Furman University article for more on this beautiful campus! Many of the other “Swamp Rabbits” you’ll find around our city are due to the popularity + proximity of the trail. From Falls Park it’s just a short ride to Cleveland Park, through the Cancer Survivors Park. Approaching the Kroc Center you pass Mayberry Park and the old city public works, what in the future will be City Park. It is great to see it continually expanding, and everyone expects the boon to businesses along the trail to continue. If these conditions continue to worsen, I fear we will have wrecks and injuries. Local mom Liene, shares an overview of the entire trail. No one wants that to happen, so I hope our “trail managers” will put a plan in place to resurface these old sections of the trail before it is too late. I wouldn't advise it at night. Posted on March 30th, 2018 by Liene | No Comments. Eventually, it will connect to the larger Rails to Trails network that spans the East Coast. All of the rails and ties have been removed, but the path isn’t completely paved. Today, TR is a destination in itself, not just a stop on the way to Caesars ​Head and Table Rock. Phase II of this new Park’s construction is planned to be concluded this spring. The following 3 digits represent the mile and tenth mile you are located near. Active families - get ready! There are over 1.4 million geocaches in the world today. website design by sandlapper. Our Swamp Rabbit Trail is a wonderful asset to our community. All reviews furman university rented bikes easy ride downtown greenville swamp rabbit trail nice ride nice bike falls park bike riding bike shop reedy river travelers walkers runners grocery riders tandem exercise campus rubberized trial railroad. The Swamp Rabbit Trail has become so intertwined with the legend of Greenville that dozens of local businesses have jumped on the train; for example, in Travelers Rest you will find the Swamp Rabbit Brewery & Taproom, Swamp Rabbit Inn, Swamp Rabbit Storage and Swamp Rabbit Tees. Opened in 2009, this trail has experienced continual growth and offers fun, non-motorized recreation and transportation opportunities. The defunct Carolina, Knoxville and Western Railway - humorously nicknamed after a wetlands version of the cottontail - has been replaced by a paved trail running from Travelers Rest to Greenville. Find our privacy policy and terms and conditions here. After passing through the brand new River Street underpass you’ll be right alongside the Reedy River all through Falls Park. The Swamp Rabbit Trail sees half a million users and spans more than 22-miles across The Upstate. 1. Ok, got it. There are dozens of adventures waiting for you here; from the splash pad that’s a perfect cool down on a hot day to the dozens of trails leading every which way, Falls Park is a highlight of the trail you won’t want to leave! Within the city limits of Greenville, the trail is closed from 9PM to 5AM. Reading the Swamp Rabbit Trail promotional material, opportunities to sponsor and donate abound, and include benches/seating, bike racks, mile markers or even ‘buying’ a section of the trail. The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a 19.9-mile multi-use (walking and bicycling) greenway that traverses along the Reedy River connecting Greenville County with schools, parks, and local businesses. If the creation of Falls Park was the spark that set Greenville on track to become a beloved hometown and vacation destination to thousands, then it’s the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail that has become the locomotive still pulling us forward today! The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a nearly 14 mile multi-use (walking & bicycling) greenway that traverses along the Reedy River, an old railroad corridor and City parks to connect Travelers Rest with the City of Greenville, South Carolina. Many sections are severely affected, and our rides have become unpleasant. Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail is a great place to try it out! If you're a runner, you'll like the section of the trail near the Kroc Center. The GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail is a 21 mile multi use accessible trail suitable for hiking, biking and jogging, and just spending time withe family! This expansive, signature park on the West Side of downtown Greenville is still in the planning phase as the City of Greenville looks to finish moving the current Greenville Public Works operations. The swamp rabbit (Sylvilagus aquaticus), or swamp hare, is a large cottontail rabbit found in the swamps and wetlands of the southern United States. Filter content by category, age, area, price or time. The 19.9-mile trail stretches from Travelers Rest to downtown Greenville, with additional sections in Lake Conestee Nature Park and Fountain Inn. Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning. It could be that in the future the entire length of the Reedy River will be covered, and residents would have a multi-use trail connecting the Upstate to the Saluda River! Enjoy a "Perfect Day in Greenville" on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. The 19.9-mile trail stretches from Travelers Rest to downtown … veering off subject or off the point of the conversation A story or explanation leading no where. White listed the reasons below: Trail usage overall is … You're awesome for doing it! This Swamp Rabbit Trail Itinerary is part of our summer long Park Hop series featuring itineraries and parks on the 2016 Park Hop. The Swamp Rabbit Trail is named for the defunct railroad line that used to pass through the area until 1993. Meanwhile Cleveland Park is an old favorite; the trail passes Maj. Anderson’s memorial F-86 Saber jet fighter plane (MM35), numerous picnic shelters and playgrounds, and spur trails to the Fernwood Nature Trail and Greenville Zoo. For ideas on what to do with a day in TR, check out this sample itinerary that includes parks, restaurants and shops all within an easy walking-radius. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember to practice social distancing "The Greenville to TR portion is more "uphill" so keep that in mind." Kat wrote a review Jan 3. The proposed commuter rail was quickly abandoned, but the Greenville News editorially suggested a bike and hiking trail, though admitting the plan to be an "unrealistic dream." The SRC is for holistic well-being for the individual and the community. (and passing mile marker 26) you’ll reach Furman Univ​ersity. Help spread the word. There's a big one still out there — the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. In 1999 the city of Greenville created the Greenville County Economic Development Corporation to purchase the roadbed of the defunct Greenville & Northern Railway for dual use as a greenway and light rail passenger line. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember to practice social distancing.

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