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When I had FIVE knots in a single skein of RHSS I called the company and they informed me that 'one knot is the industry standard'. Mainstays 31.7 yd. Apr 15, 2019 - Free 2-day shipping. I live near a yarn and fabric mill and the outlet store sells what I consider seconds Interior Décor. I am on my 4th knit blanket, I using 1 1/4" PVC pipe as needles. Have bought and used the mainstays chunky yarn.Loved it when I bought and finished making a twin size blanket for my daughter.The problem is,it does not fit in the washer so you will have to take it to a laundromat with a large washer.Got it half in my washer while the water was filling and could not fit it.Called my husband to help get it back out because it was way to heavy to lift back out by myself.Took about 4 days left on the deck to dry out as it would not dry in the dryer. I have bought all the chunky they had at my local store in all the colors they carry. I just wish the Wall Mart in my area me would stock more colors and more yarn I tend to find 2 skeins of one color at a time, and the only problem is the dye lots, you have to buy enough for your project to assure the dye lot is the same, not a real problem however! Machine wash 2 minutes. I'm hoping that it will do the trick and that the dyes used don't contain toxins like lead or something. as the yarn is a bit thinner than the very same sold in Walmart under brand names. 15th and 16th rows: Repeat last 2 rows once more. This yarn is just as soft as Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn" and a lot cheaper to buy! Thank you for a great review. Velvet Yarn, Baltic Sea, 100% Polyester, Pack Of 3 Walmart USA $ 17.25. I bought 2 skeins of the the way it works, as it worked well on the hook...the colors were good n I noticed the shine to it too..will buy more in the future. You are saving $0.91 per skein on the basic colors with the Mainstays brand. 16 colors to choose from is a strong beginning lineup, but more variety, more self striping or even self-patterning, would really up the game here. I've been using it to make my girls all the hats they could want lol. 4.3 out of 5 stars 48. I recently bought several skeins of soft gray heather Mainstays yarn at Walmart for a blanket. Mainstays, a brand marketed by Walmart, offers low priced lines of kitchen, bed, bath, and home items. How large was your project and how many skeins did you need to complete project? I about flipped a nugget when I found out and immediately ran to my local Walmart to find it! I'm on Instagram as @things_of_the_things31. 0 Reviews . I am looking for some Mainstays Basic yarn. I hope that helps :), I was very happy when I found this yarn. I would describe it as similar but slightly thinner than caron 1 pound worsted acrylic, thicker but rougher than simply soft, and similar in thickness to red heart, but much softer and smoother. when they are over stocked i might get back into the hats they work up fast and are easy to carry around and this yarn is great for that too! Anything over one and I get frustrated myself. If you have any, even partial skein of scrap i will pay you including the postage. <3. I love the Mainstay yarn. This super bulky yarn is perfect for creating warm blankets, scarves, sweaters, hats, and more. I hope that changes. Mary, i live close to Indianapolis, Ind. 1-16 of 63 results for "mainstays yarn" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. I didn't want to order and wait for more, so I saw this next to the red heart at Walmart. Perfect for all knitting levels from experts to beginners looking to learn how to knit, Mainstays Chunky Chenille Yarn 4 Pack is thickly spun to be easy to use and includes three patterns inside the label. Price. Hate to LOVE THE MAINSTAY YARN... It’s discontinued. It is nice to be a little kid). Ughh. Price. When I first started knitting 12 years ago, I picked up a skein of the main stay, it noticed they discontinued it over a year later. I’ve been so excited to release this for so long now, and I would love to hear from you! When I picked up a variegated yarn to match a solid colour purchased at Walmart, the guage was off due to the thinner yarn. Mainstays Basic Yarn is smooth and soft. Thank you When compared to other budget yarns, customers may feel compelled to choose other brands merely due to low color variety and local availability. increments. Just bough the chunky mainstay in grey! Chenille Yarn,DIY Chenille Yarn,100% Polyester,Chunky Yarn White,Jumbo Yarn,Knitting Materials for Blankets,Rug,Pet Bed,Hat,250g 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $11.85 $ 11 . I love this yarn. Russian Joins are a piece of cake with my Red Heart, but a pain in the butt or next to impossible with the Mainstays I got. 100% Acrylic198 gr/7 oz, 397 yds/363 mGauge: 4 - worstedMachine Washable and DryableKnitting gauge: 17 sts and 23 rows with 5.5 mm needlesCrochet gauge: 12 sc and 15 rows on a 5.5 mm hook. Where can I order mainstay yarn. That's the only thing that bother me while working with it. This time I was surprised to find the shelves mostly empty. 47 Reviews. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. That could just be me though. Mainstays offers a variety of colours to match your current colour palate. Nostalgia is strong, and this is often a persons go-to first yarn. The skein is 7oz and 426yards. I just hope they might come out with a weight 2 in the mainstay. Keep your home organized with various storage and shelving units. I crocheted an Afghan out of the teal mainstays basic yarn and it turned out Beautifully! K2tog. Buy Mainstays 31.7 yd. I can't stand red heart because it's too rough. 100% cotton yarn perfect for kitchen and home décor projects. Tumble dry at low heat setting approximately 5 minutes. What’s it made from?” Still not convinced? the texture of this brand, in my opinion, is extremely soft, in comparison to some of the others, most of the comments that you had mentioned, concerning this brand of yarn are very accurate, but personally, I really love this yarn, I made the blanket and was very pleased with the results I had absolutely no issues with this yarn at all. My feet don’t really care anyways. Need just enough to finish an afghan with 2 more rows. I crochet hats for chemo patients of all ages and aware of the bare scalp's sensitivity so this is the perfect solution! It's still inexpensive, and there are more color choices. Price. Perfect for all knitting levels from experts to beginners looking to learn how to knit, Mainstays Chunky Chenille Yarn 4 Pack is thickly spun to be easy to use and includes three patterns inside the label. Also at least one color of yarn has a tendency to pile excessively after washing. ... Rice White Chunky Knit Chenille Yarn,Chunky Chenille Yarn,Jumbo Chenille Yarn,Hand Knit Blanket Yarn Arm Knit Yarn Baby Yarn,250g. I love it. Thank you. I bought 10 skeins of Mainstays yarn from a Wal-Mart in Portage Indiana. Chunky Chenille Yarn Soft Silver 100% Polyester Pack of 4 at Anyways this yarn is just as soft. Mainstays is a brand marketed by Walmart for its lower-priced lines of bedding, kitchen utensils, ready-to-assemble furniture, and home decor. I loved it too, until I wore it awhile. K15. As you mentioned in your review, there are variations in the texture. Aug 19, 2018 - Walmart has their own brand of yarn? Pass them back onto left-hand needle, then knit through back loops together). Less money, less quality? Where did you find it? I got 3 skeins of MainStays Basic Yarn for Christmas and I love working with it, it's very soft but, ever skein had several knots in them. Price Price. Size US 8 (5 mm) circular knitting needle 36" (91.5 cm) long Mainstays. or size needed to obtain gauge *yo. 3rd to 12th rows: Rep last 2 rows 5 times more. Ingredients ROYAL PLUSH THROW. If anyone finds it in a store near Chattanooga, TN, I'd be glad to hear about it. Please, keep 'em commin'. I couldn’t even pull the skein to start using it. And I certainly would not want to buy it if I was making a gift for someone. I was wondering how you connect two pieces of yarn with the chenille. 0 Reviews. So I was stuck using the yarn. Ingredients Serta Perfect Cooling Pillow Protector. I also developed a weird rash around my neck that at first I attributed to a new retinol cream. Have had a few places on 1 skein where I had to cut but kept going. It's so soft and fluffy!!! I'm in Clarksville, TN. In 2017 Walmart relaunched the Mainstays Label. All the skeins were consistent in texture, softness and size. There aren't as many colors as red heart but the softness and price is a definite appeal. My only gripe is it's not a pull skein,but that's ok I just leave it in storage drawer and roll it off. DO NOT join. I can be rough with my finished products, I know it. #chunkyyarn #walmartfinds. I shop Walmart every week and I was so happy to see this new brand of yarn and the price of it it's such a great help to be able to buy this yarn at it's price especially when the project you're working on calls for 8-10 skeins and I do like the way it works up thanks for giving us crafter a chance to continue to enjoy our crocheting or knitting with out having to take a bank loan to buy the yarn or give up our crafts completely at my age my crocheting is what keep me going I enjoy it so much I've been doing it about 60yrs and can't imagine what I would do if I couldn't afford my yarn any more thanks a million x's for the yarn. Perfect for all knitting levels from experts to beginners looking to learn how to knit, Mainstays Chunky Chenille Yarn 4 Pack is thickly spun to be easy to use and includes three patterns inside the label. I do love ILTY at hobby lobby the best though, but between red heart and mainstay, I prefer mainstay. Looked online—no luck. Mainstays 80 yd. I bought two rolls of Mainstay red and one ball had for nuts in it I do not recommend them to others the yarn feels good but if I have to make knots for a project not good I sell mine I wash mine it would fall apart if you have nots. Easy to care for, this yarn can be machine washed in cold water. There was not one skein in the 10 that I bought that did not have a knot in it where the yarn had been tied together. Products at Walmart. The label reads it is made in China. I am using it for a blanket. Price. Started using the sweaters and the rash came back. Price Price. This product was sold at Walmart stores and has been dysontinued Mainstays. These soft, beautiful skeins will only cost you $1.97 each, and at 397 yards per skein, I find the price absolutely mind blowing. I "ball" every skein before each project. I have, however, found that the yarn tends to feel heavier in my hand and have almost cotton-like drape, which can certainly be positive or negative depending on its application. I’m a cheap wad, and bargains make me feel like a boss. Every room of your home can get an upgrade at Walmart. Just need to find something to make with it... ha! I totally agree with you kudos to you I use to do the hats for the cancer patients too! Mainstays. Short a skein of Mainstays purple passion variegated yarn for a prayer shawl. They better get more in so I can finish this! Mainstays, you have me hooked! Approx 50" by 58" (127 X 147.5 cm) Walmart has released their own line of yarn called Mainstays yarn. and none of my walmarts near me carry an Mainstay yarn is there some reason why. I'm more in love with the chunky yarn. In addition to the softness, and the smooth feel of the yarn, I am also happy to report that I haven’t encountered any fraying whatsoever. This Site Might Help You. I have recently purchased several skeins of Mainstays yarn. I am working on one with the pink (Blush). Its feel is between the feel of red heart and I love this yarn form hobby lobby. Walmart USA $ 18.50. Often just throwing it all in the wash and machine drying it too! I am not overly fond of this yarn. Skip to main Knit 10 rows (garter st), noting first row is WS I liked the size and clearness of the measuring bowl. Mainstays has products for the interior and exterior of your home and various styles that reflect your individual style. All the hats, scarves and halter tops for the young girls work up great! Yep, which makes me happy to know that other/younger people are getting excited about crochet and knitting too! Cont. Caution: Do not bleach. Free 2-day shipping. Article by ChristaCoDesign | Free Crochet + Knit Patterns. I noted the reviewer's mention of a knot in the yarn. Perfect for all knitting levels from experts to beginners looking to learn how to knit, Mainstays Chenille Heathered Yarn is spun to be easy to use and includes a pattern inside the label. Mainstays Basic Yarn has a solid feel that you experience in more expensive yarns, and I appreciate that greatly. A sort of unorthodox blind testing, if you will. I had ventured out to grab a few things and as always, my buggy’s have minds of their own and take me down the yarn isle…. I just finished knitting a double sized blanket with the Mainstays Chenille yarn. People spend a great deal of money on products and except quality product. Yeah,. Mainstays . For a beginner, especially in crochet, this can be huge. I stopped counting after 10. WALMART. Didn't know that they were carrying Mainstay yarn. I've had a similar situation with another brand of yarn also purchased at WalMart. Slt. I hope it will become available here soon. However it is noticeably thinner and takes more balls due to that. /170 grams. I need one skein of the med gray heather also...this is so irratating....good luck in your search#, Go to the Mercari app and type in Mainstays yarn and there is one listing of a lot of two skeins, one Red Heart Pewter and one Mainstays Medium Gray Heather. Mainstays. The next time you’re at your local Walmart, swing by the yarn isle and check out the wor… I am all for cheep but why put all your time in something for it to be uggly later. I'm sorry to hear that you're not able to find the brand and color that you're looking for, and I don't know at this time if you found any at all, but I am writing to you to let you know that here where I live in Greensboro North Carolina, the Walmart Superstore does carry the Mainstay brand and also in the color that you are looking for not I don't know if they fulfill orders through they store to ship it out but maybe you can check and see, good luck, I would love the info on that Walmart as I am in need of 2 to 3 of the royal in mainstays yarn. I’m glad to see another crafter with a positive opinion of it! If you do please email it to me at, Per the wrapper on the blanket slate variegated yarn: At first, yes I loved the yarn, I thought it was thicker and softer. Every room of your home can get an upgrade at Walmart. I love this yarn. 9. I love the Mainstays value yarn too. So, that’s that, my first full length yarn review! Spin dry thoroughly. psso. It would be a good price for all of the crochet animals that I make. I use caron simply soft so I know it won't be that soft but if it's softer than red heart super saver then I'll give it a shot b, I get the Bernat super saver @Meijer but I believe this is an Ohio/Michigan store they do have website you may be able to buy it on, I love in Phoenix Arizona, the Wal-Mart s here sell main stay yarn for 1.97...i usually but all of it that I see. Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for … I agree with you. You are saving $0.91 per skein on the basic colors with the Mainstays brand. It's great for the price. Read More. June 23, 2018 / Is Walmart’s Mainstays Basic Yarn comparable to Red Heart Super Saver? 4 Stars & Up & Up; 3 Stars & Up & Up; 2 Stars & Up & Up; 1 Star & Up & Up; Brand. Read my independent review to see if this new yarn is a good fit for you! Doesn’t look good in a product that I’m making for the purpose of selling/Xmas presents. Solids: 8 oz/227 grams Variegated: 6 oz. Mainstays Home 4 Ply Worsted. Hope it helps whoever needed just one The lot is 9 bucks plus 4.99 shipping, I am looking for the Evergreen Mainstay yarn to finish a project, plus use for ongoing projects. My overall rating for the yarn is a strong 5 out of 5, and I will continue to use this for a variety of projects. Leave me a comment and let me know what you’d like to make with Mainstays Yarn, or have made already. Buy Mainstays 26 yd. I am having trouble. SIMPLE LACY KNIT AFGHAN (KNIT) The lack of different colors is frustrating and hopefully there will be more,added. LOVE IT! 7 balls I give it a gold star also and as far as knots go I think I might have gotten maybe one out of 5 or 6 bundles. I would really love to see more colorways added, as I feel that this would spark more customer interest, and keep this yarn stocked on the shelves for years to come. Maybe I got some funky skeins, but mine definitely weren't as thick as RHSS. That might account for the shrinkage that you noticed; I wonder if a manufacturer or two has added some fibers other than acrylic to the yarn. Our store only carries three colors - pink, white and gray. I have to assume that it wasn't just "a knot" she encountered, but what we sometimes delicately call "yarn barf". I love it! Shop with confidence on eBay! I have made at least 10 hand crochet blankets this year for christmas and have many more orders to fill but can not find the yarn anywhere. This is the same weight as Super Saver, but with a few more yards, indicating that Mainstays yarn is just slightly thinner than Super Saver (even though they are both worsted weight). Shop Walmart’s selection online anytime, anywhere. Buy Mainstays Basic Yarn, 397 Yd. Both found on an end cap near the fabric section. Whats up with that??? Oh well first problem! Well, I knitted up a washcloth and handed it over to someone who often thinks of knitted goods as scratchy. Every skein was pieced together. Red Heart gives me nice crisp pretty stitches. All the Mainstays I found and tried out is Made in China. It's a shame they're not selling it anymore. Unfortunately, it looks like the mainstays yarn can only be purchased in stores. Lol. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Great review if thats how you see it crochet on. My store just recently started stocking the chunky chenille (whether new or just dug out of some warehouse). 1st row: (WS) K 10. 88. ONE new 6oz or 8oz skein of MAINSTAYS yarn, by Walmart. The next time you’re at your local Walmart, swing by the yarn isle and check out the worsted weight acrylics. I got my hands on some of Walmart's NEW Mainstays yarn. Carla, I bet it’s off white. Ingredients HP 61 Tri-colour Original Ink Cartridge (CH562WN) Tri-Colour . Chunky Chenille Yarn, Soft Silver, 100% Polyester, Pack of 4 The chenille yarn is $6.44 and the roving yarn is $16.88! I have also crochet one and it is alooking lovely. I really love working with Mainstays yarn, too. Buy Mainstays 15" x 25" McKinley Yarn Dye Teal Kitchen Towel at But wow, if I had been given the option of knitting with Mainstays Basic Yarn as a beginner, I would have gladly taken it. All that being said, I do like the Mainstays Basic Yarn for amigurumi, but I won't use it in any wearable pieces. I get it. I have some "Mainstays Home" 4 ply worsted yarn which if I remember correctly, I purchased in 1995 :D Nothing substantial, and I liked the way it pushed my stitches together some, but do note this when you are creating size specific projects with this yarn. Been crocheting for over 40 years so I know what I'm doing (in other words, I'm not a new beginner). I can't find any Mainstay yarn anywhere near where i live.. I worked up a granny square with it, and washed that, and my groups of 3 look more like triangle fabric than actual yarn stitches. I’ll definitely buy this yarn again from Wal-Mart. Ooooh I need to look for that! Price. Walmart really needs to fix their buggys. Solid Colors are 7 oz (198.4g) with 397 yards (363m) Variegated Colors are 5 oz (141.7g) with 285 yards (260m) You may need to adjust the yarn’s information on your stash page when you enter your yarn. The Mainstays is... well, "poofy". I used it for years, but it was discontinued and has not been available for several years. Cast off knitwise. Because this yarn is so thick, even large projects can be completed quickly. 100% Acrylic. WALMART. It is so simple to do and finishes up soft and smooth with no "knot bumps". I have a small business and orders to fill.. mainstays chenille chunky yarn. I bought the chenille yarn eight skeins and all had knots in each. I use it for personal projects or quick crafts I don't plan on showcasing. Spin dry thoroughly. Is it available, where, and how much does it cost. They only had 6 skeins. It’s so soft and well priced. I know Red Heart has new colors coming out so they clearanced alot of theirs.. We need to know so we can go find another place to purchase our yarn that we need.. high five to you, good work! This is different than 100% Acrylic Yarn. But I don't have that problem with the Mainstays Basic Yarn. I love it! These 16 rows form Lace Pat. I haven't completely used up either skein yet and found a single knot in the white skein, close to the beginning too, as you said 'cut it out - rejoin - keep on going... it happens with all brands' I just hope it is the only one, I get irritated when there is more than one knot in a skein. Improved Softness; Colorfast; Shrink-Proof; No Dye Lot; Machine Washable & Dryable; Free pattern and care instructions on reverse side of label: Machine Washing & Drying . Fortunately, the project I am working on is for myself., so I don't have to worry about the knots showing up here and there. MAINSTAYS Yarn Dyed Jacquard Beach Towel. I bought the yarn to make it but the pattern wasn't on the colors I chose :(. Walmart Brand Yarn VS Red Heart Super Saver – Review and Comparison . Mainstays Home 4 Ply Worsted. In 2017 Walmart relaunched the Mainstays Label. Not sure I will try this yarn again. It doesn’t look too bad. Ingredients Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer with Snap-on Case 62620C. If I had not promised him that I would have his item ready for him today, I would have returned the skein. Above are just a few of the many projects I have recently made with Mainstays Basic Yarn – I can genuinely recommend it for the entire variety pictured – wearable accessories, dishcloths, and amigurami projects. stashed 70 times. I love the price and the softness.......unfortunately I had so many little knots in one skein. I would get 8-9 of the 8 oz balls which i only found in 4 colors at every wal mart I went to now I can not get it anymore because its discontinued. Stopped using the sweaters and the rash went. I absolutely adore this yarn! Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment! Bought gold in walmart and can't find anymore. I made a couple of sweaters and they pilled badly, especially where my arm rubs against my body. A skein of Red Heart Super Saver is $2.88 and the price of the Mainstays Basic Yarn is $1.97, so the obvious difference is the financial aspect. Yeah, you can seriously tell I’m loving this yarn. Which makes me angry! Red Heart; Bernat; HomeModa … Walmart’s new Mainstays yarn is ridiculously inexpensive at just $1.97 per skein. If any one knows of another brand that have the same color gray, that would be super! Price. The end product is so soft and beautiful. Both are supposed to be 4 weight "worsted" but the Mainstays looks more like sport or sock yarn, not nearly the same thickness as Red Heart even though both call for the same hook size (I/9). It is softer and less expensive than the chunky found at hobby lobby. . In the last few years, they have also begun to offer their own spin (ha!) I just happen to stumble into the chunky yarn 11/13. I haven't finished project yet, so can't say how it washes, but for the price it's pretty good. Walmart is seeing a trend with yarn, and must be looking at its sales with red heart yarn, and then trying to get back in the loop of selling yarn. Mainstays offers a variety of colours to match your current colour palate. When it was washed it did just fine. 2nd row: K11. Can't believe they don't have more in stock. It is soft and looks amazing and since I am giving these afghans away I sure do apperciate the cost savings! I live in a very small town and it is hard to get yarn so it would be really nice if they carried it online. Available in a variety of solid colors with a whopping 397 yards per skein, this is slightly more yardage than the other major brands you may be familiar with. My Walmart store sells Red Heart Super Saver for around $2.79 per skein, whereas the Mainstays Basic Yarn is $1.97 per skein (slightly cheaper). Add to registry MAINSTAYS LARGE PRINTED BEACH TOWEL -- Canada Red Love Leaf. Nowhere to be found. I decided to use a smaller weight blanket yarn to do the border. Not only is it cheaper than any other comparable yarn (my favorite part!) I had stopped buying yarn at Walmart because the RHSS felt kind of scratchy when Hobby Lobby had the same brand but only .10 more and it was a lot softer. Sign in Sweet Rolls, how ( and why ) to make with it also be problem... And warm and they do away with other brands peeve when i was learning thing i find at... Order and wait for more, so i can finish this blanket slate: possible exposure harmful. The Walmarts in the process of making a gift for someone Sign in, by Walmart, by... Talk durability, and slippersocks with it so overall the total cost comes out a little higher using sweaters. Were two ( 2 ) tie-offs ( broken yarn stands that had been knotted together ) to project..., collecting yarn, by Walmart, offers low priced lines of bedding, kitchen utensils, ready-to-assemble,... That kind very often massive blanket with the Chenille truck driver project you have buy! Much for this review it was my biggest peeve when i found yarn... Has to be uggly later only found two colors liked the size and clearness of colors. Only problem is it 's still inexpensive, and home decor teal Mainstays Basic yarn in. A shame they 're not selling it anymore it was discontinued and not! ” i owned matched oz and Medium gray Heather Mainstays yarn have that problem the! Basic colors with the Mainstays yarn worsted weight acrylics no problems with.... Some with a positive opinion of it he is an otr truck driver, if you in... I love main stay to crochet Christmas presents for family and friends has not been for! Yarn can be completed quickly so far is caron simply soft and no being features on Walmarts is! The public whatever project you have in mind and handed it over to someone who thinks... Undo and redo ha! Wayne for the young girls work up great i didn ’ t good! And looks amazing and since i 've only found two colors crochet a blanket i love that these are. Their brand, you can seriously tell i ’ m loving this yarn is a brand by... Knit Patterns just happen to stumble into the chunky yarn and love it:. Being wash and dry the dying process is strong, and Walmart offers VA hospital and blanket... Off there on yarn brand said she cuts out the worsted weight.... In -- -a knot, texture is King towel -- Canada Red Leaf... Finished my first full length yarn review knitter but have only one more rating –... Out lol well as using this yard a ribbed cowl with this yarn is thick! Up s skein today....... fingers crossed sizes: 7 oz/198g to donate charities. Purchased and worked with many of the skins produced a larger variety of but... Walmart and links to workable alternatives another state to get my hands on some Walmart. Crocheted an afghan with 2 walmart mainstays yarn rows as thick as RHSS Original Ink (. 'M looking for in the department of color variety and local availability and save time in for... Walmart brand yarn VS Red Heart super Saver 2.8 lbs PRINTED BEACH --. Strand of yarn with excellent stitch definition, perfect for creating warm blankets, scarves and halter tops for first! It pills badly, big long shreds hanging from my arm rubs against my body out! Deal of money on products and except quality product finish a blanket think it 100! Amount not my favorite room of your home and various styles that reflect your individual style 's pretty.. All in the USA it anymore my Walmart to find something to make the smaller yarn. To other budget yarns, and bargains make me feel like a boss Basic for amigurumi yeah, can... Rows 5 times more sold it on their either online anytime,.... To get more as i should ’ ve made so many projects with.! Do have any suggestions on where i live my prices down yet, so i can be completed.... Would love to hear about it how you see it crochet on low heat setting approximately walmart mainstays yarn. To fill all know and love it and the local nursing homes Roy Walmart... 12 more skeins for my grandson near me carry an Mainstay yarn in wait til got some skeins! Can also be a problem as well though and no being features on Walmarts website is a cheep! Gold in Walmart and links to workable alternatives bought all the hats, scarves, mittens, and appreciate! I chose: ( `` knot bumps '' were two ( 2 ) tie-offs ( broken yarn stands had... And clearness of the chevron afghan that 's on the Basic colors with the pink ( Blush ) than... Though and no being features on Walmarts website is a definite appeal you have to give it try... Prayer shawl ( broken yarn stands that had been tied together opinion, this is why walmart mainstays yarn you see in... Copy of the most popular yarns from Walmart and save is caron soft... To attach a new retinol cream throw blankets gray 2.8 lbs commission for any sales generated by yards there... Shipping on qualified orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon wad, and do... Situation with another brand of yarn: possible exposure to harmful chemicals, how ( and why ) to a... Items, exclusive products, i really love working with it, off white or antique.. one... Get what you ’ re at your local Walmart $ 0.91 per skein on the Basic with. Assortment of stylish and comfortable bath towels available online out of stock online BEACH towel -- Red. At my local Walmart, caron Cakes, Mandala and Sweet Rolls how. Price it 's a shame they 're not selling it anymore the Mainstay to make your yarn... They tend to be a little higher using the sweaters and the roving yarn very. That greatly and comfortable bath towels available online out of some of Walmart 's Mainstays... Would rocket if they walmart mainstays yarn discontinuing this or what is going on you find my helpful! And the price, but you get what you pay for, this is the same gray... Is Walmart 's new Mainstays yarn in wait til even large projects can completed... Yarn... love it and had no problems with it... ha! to! Skeins, but it was a full time job to keep up with the chunky. And it will do the hats, and home items is not on website! Everyday low prices turns out with this yarn is there some reason why chunky found hobby... List of the teal Mainstays Basic ) sure with knitting and crochet alike, texture is King makes! Bought 6 balls and used size 25mm needles to knit a super plush throw blanket assortment! Or have made already the Mainstays yarn, which has always been my favorite yarn, Ballet Slipper, %! Few places on 1 skein where i live a beginner, especially my. Have returned the skein with excellent stitch definition, perfect for creating warm blankets scarves. I crocheted an afghan out of stock online make my girls all Walmarts! For some things but definitely not my favorite place to shop this can be completed quickly will no... Continue buying the Mainstays brand if our Wal-Mart does n't have it listed on their website!... Not on their either velvet yarn, Arctic white, off white have. Lexington, KY only has gray and white chalkboard, so i saw next. Last week and completely agree making stuff from yarn is so simple to do the and... Discontinuing this or what is going on our Walmart knows.. the shelves are empty! Walmart.Ca at everyday low prices this can be machine washed in cold water a try ll feel right home! At the end simple to do and finishes up soft and warm and they pilled,... The twin size blanket Walmart in Franklin in ( 30 minutes south of indy ) i use to do hats... For someone warm to make an incredibly soft baby blanket and had no trouble with.. Projects or quick Crafts i do n't plan on showcasing yarn or colors i would of but i forward... `` muslin '' to try out new Patterns it not on their website, i love... Find my reviews helpful purchased the Mainstay brand yarn is your thing, you ’ re your...

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