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Our guide, David, was outstanding and his sense of humor and dry wit added so much to the tour! Visiting Vindolanda and Hadrians wall ,incredible. Just extraordinary number of memories made. We were impressed by the experience, and especially by our tour guide. I recommend this tour England highly. Of the three, I would rate this one as the best overall. A little less rain would have been nice but it didn't hinder our activities. No bus. These folk were really sharp!". Learning more about Churchhill when the group visited Blenheim Palace, and in the Churchhill War Rooms and Museum where we went on our own, was definitely a high point for me. He truly is "larger than life".". The extent and remains of the Roman Empire were certainly awe inspiring. My favorite part of these trips is the surprises; in this case, the impromptu side stops and treks to magical sites. On our Best of Scotland tour along mossy mountains, windswept isles, mysterious lochs, and heathered glens, you'll discover a land and culture that are strongly persistent…and persistently lovable… Read more. Oh, yes, and our bus driver, Ian, was the ultimate professional. Surprisingly, we really loved the sheep farm visit in Wales. There was a perfect mix of walking, museums, and churches. Room at the Radisson in London did not have useable outside window. I especially liked our private folk music concert, personal tour of Stanway House, and seeing the lovely, quaint villages filled with stone houses and flowers. David made the trip a wonderful experience . We also had an amazing coach driver,Jim. She was organized and had so much information that she shared in an interesting way. We learned so much about each place we visited. Nice to have someone else take care of the arrangements and details. "Wales and Lake District were absolutely stunning. Bath Abbey Moderate walking: 2–6 miles throughout the day with some hills and stairs. Would have liked more time in Blenheim Palace. Lorraine also directed us to some good music on our own in Conwy.". We had a very congenial tour group, a great bus driver and very good local guides; leading it all was an excellent tour guide. Saw parts of the UK that I had never seen. We had a wonderful trip to England. I like the Rick Steves’ travel guides. Our guide, David, could not have been more wonderful-so knowledgeable, very hands on with the group, funny & kind. The Bodnant gardens: Laburnum Arch at its peak of beauty. Our bus driver Ali was also excellent. "Besides the Hadrian's Wall area and museum .. with Roman artifacts, I think we enjoyed having the time to see the beautiful countryside, from the small towns to Wales to the lake district to York. It's one thing to read about the Romans and their Empire, but to see the remains really brings history to life.". Magic! It was a beautiful experience. The UK has honored these important people, who made outstanding contributions not only to the UK but also to the global community.". The change in itinerary leaving out Westminster Abbey caused us to miss charging of guard because of time conflict. Wonderful to just show up and allow someone else to handle all the details. ! I was thrilled to touch Hadrian's wall! "The Sheep farm experience in Conwy Wales". Just about everything was a "wow" as I have wanted to see and be there.". Completely different from the castles, churches & historical buildings. This was our first Rick Steve's tour or tour of any kind. Our tour leader, Roy, was an expert guide and humorous to keep you entertained while you learned about the culture and history of the areas we visited. "It is always hard to pick one thing but I super enjoyed the sheep farm and meeting Gareth and his family. I felt he had a different perspective because he was born and raised there. I was very impressed with the fall Bodnant Gardens in Wales. If I have to pick one, it would be standing on Hadrian's Wall and later exploring the excavations and museum at Vindolanda, imagining thousands of Roman troops braving the weather and terrain of Northumbria, so far from their homes and literally on the brink of what was then civilization. Loved the Wales farm & Bodnant Garden.". Four of us were lucky to be able to ride down the mountainside on his ATV stopping to see an incredible view. I have to say the food was fantastic. We then watched it get sheered. So glad to be a part of it! His knowledge is unsurpassed and what a wonderful sense of humor. Another great tour with a congenial group of fellow travelers. Having all of the arrangements like hotels, transportation and venues all made and paid for in advance was terrific. Rick produces a best-selling guidebook series, a public television series, and a public radio show, and organizes small-group tours that take over 30,000 travelers to Europe annually. Of course the farm was beautiful and the sheep and dog were charming but Gareth was a larger than life character. This is a really nice itinerary. Church services, sporting events, and local comedy shows are linguistic classrooms. Sleep in London. I really liked the history as related by our Guide. Pubs are colloquial treasure chests. Even if we’ve had to postpone trips to Europe, I believe a daily dose of travel dreaming can actually be good medicine. The people in our group were genial and overall, it was wonderful! The tour was extremely enjoyable educational experience. Even the days with bus travel were broken up well and never felt like we were on the bus along time. This tour met all of my expectations. "So many! 425-608-4217, from $4,095 "Visiting the sheep farm that had been in their family for generations in Wales. York Minster We had no other appointments that day, only our drive to Conway, so being 30 minutes or even an hour later to Conway would have still given us time to see Conway before nightfall. There is a lot of variety packed into this tour - castles & cathedrals; gardens & national parks; small towns & cities; bus, boat, & train travel; picnics, pubs, & personal food choices. "Walking around the corner to see Wells cathedral.". Our guides (Bill & Savannah) were just wonderful! Roy's knowledge of and ability to share that knowledge of all our sites was first rate. From beginning to end the tour was organized, interesting, educational and FUN! "Ancient cathedrals and ruins. I can't say enough good things about it! The tour was completely enjoyable. Very interesting tour sites. No bus. The itinerary was fantastic, the other tour participants were great company and Bill and Ellen were outstanding tour guides. "Oh, how to choose just one!! Very interesting and eye-opening. I knew, of course, that Roman's manned Hadrian's wall, but did not understand that they had settlements the size of Volandia and York, that they had.". Not in any order.". There were a few hotels that were uncomfortable due to lack of air conditioning (In Keswick we had our windows open and were invaded by gnats) and lack of hot water (cold shower in Stowe On The Wold). Our guides Elizabeth and Paul were engaging, knowledgeable and eager to not just play their role as guides but come to welcome and know us as a friend from across the "pond" All across the British Isles, you ll encounter new words, crazy humour, and colourful accents. If your guide suggests a place for dinner, just go there. The Best of England trip was filled with beauty, fascination and fun. I could have spent a lot longer looking at the tombs and reading all the memorials. Your Rick Steves guide will welcome you in the elegant Georgian town of Bath. A fun picture with Peter Rabbit after boat ride on Derwentwater Lake, lavendar ice cream after a stroll in the Cotswolds, the funky feeling being among the Neolith stone circles in Avebury, surprise mead tasting at the splendid Blenheim Palace, talking with a local vacationer from Cumbria, learning some Welsh phrases from the famous hill farmer, Gareth Wyn Jones, photographing acres of breathtaking blooms at the Bodnant Gardens, learning fascinating facts from gregarious guide, David. Starting in the "urban" Highlands town of Inverness and ending in re... Read more, ©2021 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | Rick Steves' most exotic tour in Italy will immerse you in the distinctive culture, cuisine, and history of Sicily — including Palermo, Taormina, Agrigento, Syracuse, Catania, and more! We appreciated the fact that we had both time on our own, as well as lots of preplanned tours and visits. Can't say enough about how great they were to myself and husband, "Hands down the Cotswolds were my favorite area. The Roman and Norman eras are of particular interest.". "May I mention two? Paul was also great and I think will become an excellent guide. I didn't expect to love the food so much. Alternatively, you can travel from both Heathrow and Gatwick airports on a direct National Express coach (bus); schedules can be found at the National Express website. But being a part and seeing so much historical structures and places filled my expectations for for many years to come.". Meals were very good. Loved the scenery and frequent chances to walk/hike in the country. "As noted in my evaluation of the Scotland tour, I think looking for a "wow" moment can be counterproductive. "There was something new each day, but I especially enjoyed the sheepdog demonstration and York Minster.". Our tours don't include airfare, so your flight arrangements are completely up to you. "The Tower of London and Beef Eater tour was the best. The tour was a good mix of big cities and small villages. An unexpected surprise!". This was a great tour. Tonight we'll indulge in England's favorite ethnic food with a tasty Indian dinner together. Evensong in York, saw Hamilton in London, Chelsea Flower Show (saw all on own).". We had travelled extensively before, but always independently. So educational and enjoyable. This morning we'll begin our day of sightseeing with the medieval Tower of London (the first "skyscraper" of its time), where you can join a tour with a witty Beefeater and get a close-up look at the UK's majestic collection of crown jewels. Both the ruins and the artifacts in the museum were amazing. "One of my favorite days was in Glastonbury. I enjoyed England far more that I believe I would if we had been on our own. Lorraine is great, and most other guides were excellent and memorable, Stainway house... York... Caernarforn Castle. Wow at first sight and many more wows throughout the visit.". "There were so many,visiting the sheep farm and learning about it from Gareth , watching a sheep dog at work The hotel and accommodations were as expected, clean, quaint and quiet. I really enjoyed the group, learning more about English history, and trying many of the foods I've heard about on the British Baking Show. The storyteller there gave us a morning to remember forever as he related the histories of people who have lived there. Loved seeing iconic sites in London.". This was our first group tour. The city itself is remarkable, with its walkable walls and beautiful seascapes, but the "field trip" to the sheep farm was a significant "value added." "My favorite WOW moment was the whole trip.". "The best part of the trip, outside of all of the sites and places was the historical commentary of Mark, our tour leader. I loved what we saw-great choices! "Wales, Gareth, his family, his sheep farm in Snowdonia and the Carneddau ponies. I am an inexperienced traveler so all was new but I think everything flowed together. Loved this tour, the itinerary, pace, activities and people. A delightful part of travel in Scotland is staying in B&Bs. Fun and a great message about sustainable farming. It was certainly an outstanding tour! I am at a loss as to what other experience could provide such an intimate peek into the history and culture of a country. Was for me my most demanding physically. Also the Roman Baths in Bath. Mark is the best guide. I like the *;45 am departure time. Quality of hotels was poor, almost worth not going on the tour they were so poor. "A favorite wow moment was when I stepped out into the city of Bath on my own following our walkabout earlier that day. The level of activity is well publicized, and if, like me, you want to augment the activity level, there is opportunity to do that. It's hard to imagine how this huge and beautiful structure was built so many years ago with the tools then available.". The sites we visit are very interesting. We talked agriculture, sustainable farming, EU controls, Brexit, and the importance of community in this farming district. There were many "wow" moments but one of my favorites was walking through a gate and having the Wells Cathedral right in front of me. The time in Wales was "wow" from start to finish.". 2. I would have said "outstanding" but our schedule was altered a bit due to heavy rain. Our guide was well versed in English history and the local customs of the towns and cities visited. And my go-to meal is fish and chips. Listening to evensong being sung by the choir in the York Minster Cathedral.". This was our first Rick Steves tour and it was great. We really enjoyed all the activities and the local guides were also really good. We then had to keep them cornered so Garreth could grab one for sheering. It's always interesting to see how people live in other parts of the world. We learned a lot and the experience was unforgettable.". I loved the smaller quaint villages. These are the type of surprises that I have come to expect from RST.". Everything went off without a hitch. It was wonderful being able to walk through a Roman fort and town and then see how they lived.". I felt the hotels on this tour were generally nicer than the previous, but I really have no complaints about the hotels. It was particularly pleasant to not have worries of driving, (especially on the OTHER side of the road. Our tour guide, Gillian kept us on track but was also an incredible source of knowledge. Attending the service gave me the opportunity to feel like I was part of the community, not just visiting the church as a tourist.". "So many! It was a wonderful balance of visiting cities and the charming countryside, truly beautiful locations and landscapes. Entering each new town, I appreciated the introductory 'walkabouts,' allowing & encouraging our independence in travel. I should also say that our bus driver, Joseph was amazing and got us through what looked like some impossible tunnels! "Hard to pin point just one, they were all "wow" moments. Good group. Education & Reference Books > Almanacs & Yearbooks. Local guides did a fantastic job of giving us information and we enjoyed the story-telling. But Most of all: meeting the marvelous people on our tour and sharing this trip with them!". We would definitely want to take another trip with him as our guide. "My favorite wow moment was our walk with Lorraine after dinner one night in Keswick. Best of England tour sure lived up to its name. But I’m also a well-traveled woman who has learned the hard way that confining yourself to seeing only the “must see” tourist sites is a sure-fire way to miss out on getting to know a place. Everyone was on the edge of their seats listening to Paul. I appreciated the pacing. first visit to great britain, and a rick steves tour was the perfect way to learn about the country. A full schedule of sights and experiences. Tonight is a perfect evening for the theater (book something in advance from the Colonies or pick up a ticket in London). But, the tour did not feel rushed. What a great experience. We have been to London several times. You might visit the colorful Fashion Museum or — as Roman travelers did — bathe in a mineral spa. This morning we'll take a walking tour through Avebury's mysterious prehistoric stone circles. Visiting castles and getting historical info was great. Great driver and Being dropped off close to the day's group activity and having tickets in hand, made site-seeing easy and relaxed. "I loved Stokesay Castle and could easily imagine living in the manor house!". Had all the elements of what a tour should be. Another was Bodnant Gardens in Wales - it was the perfect time of year to see this huge private garden with all the azaleas, rhododendrons and spring flowers in full bloom. "York Minster. Tourguide Jamie very knowlegable, and kept up a running commentary on the bus filling in the history and details of the places we visited, which really added to the overall enjoyment and appreciation. Plenty of time outside the formal tour allowed us to really explore the real England- we met wonderful and colorful people. Our bus driver, Jim became part of the touring family and kept us safe. The evening with dinner & folk music.". i got everything i expected, which included pretty much daily surprises...learned a lot, saw a lot. So consequently there was very little time for shopping, especially when the shops close at 5pm. This was what going on a tour is all about. Find Rick Steves Best of Travels in Europe - British Isles at Amazon.com Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. A beautiful and wild place and a very interesting and thought-provoking afternoon with this farming family. I enjoyed Marks sense of humor and knowledge of the areas we visited. The tour was my first Rick Steves tour for me. Was on the wall alone the others were faster. Being on it and see, it disappear into the fog and distance was chilling. Beautiful quaint towns with the peaceful English gardens that I love. Credit: Courtesy of RICK STEVES' EUROPE. Probably because we didn't want to miss out on any of the side jaunts. Group dinners were exceptional. "Perhaps among many moments our time at Vinterlanda and Hadrians wall was that "wow" moment. History, scenic beauty, decent (sometimes great) weather, surprisingly good food and an excellent guide. We had a good group with no stragglers and all got along well. I also appreciated the exposure to the food typical of the various areas and the small treats Bill and Ben would share with us throughout the tour. For me, 3 days in Bath felt too long. He has a wonderful, congenial personality, and combined a command of knowledge with the areas we visited with a great sense of humor and fun. Very good. "Bodnart Gardens - I'm normally not a garden person but this garden was so beautifully designed that it was amazing to see. Be able to climb many flights of stairs in and out of the London Underground system. Both were spectacular! Jamie,our tour guide was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Incredible trip". I've been told not all tours are like Rick Steves. Come By!". Most of us felt we could do with less bath and more of the rest of England. "There were so many!! This afternoon, you'll have the chance to join your guide for a walk up to Castlerigg Stone Circle for sweeping views of the valley. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by an airline or other common carrier. Very fascinating.As usual, the hotels and group meals were excellent. Only rain dampened an otherwise outstanding tour. Great driver, polite, calm, never flustered. This was my fourth trip to Europe, but the first on any kind of tour. The tour was exactly as advertised; no hidden charges - we knew exactly what to expect. Today we'll board a train and make a beeline past the Midlands for London. Weather was a disappointment but that is always a risk. Visiting Gareth Wyn Jones, the sheep farmer was definitely a high point. "Bodnant Garden, The Hill Farmer, Gareth and his passion for sustainable farming and the actions he takes to suport that.". The tour was well planned and interesting - we appreciate all of the effort in planning for a worry free trip. Our tour leader was fantastic. Marvelous people on the tour come alive. `` most tour members arrange to in..., much to learn about history and English literature i especially enjoyed the lamb barbeque very much, except we! Of triangles to rate and prioritize sightseeing was even able to ride down the mountainside his. Avebury, and had a wonderful sense of humor and informative always pushing forward or preparing the. Pastoral location amazing and got exactly what i was impressed with the tour was my favorite! ( COVID-19 ) travel information, see our FAQ | Call 425-608-4217, from $ 4,095 per +. I then had to keep the group gathering at Castlerigg stone circle in Keswick, with tools. Specifically, there is so much more than just London, and had back. English chippy into it. `` of tour. `` exceeding my expectations for for many years not! Especially lovely, and it was amazing to see, do, fellow. To engage in my surroundings and really made it memorable. `` /... Wall ''. `` day UK this as it can get not enough time there educational inspiring... Ruins and the story of how beautiful the countries are, as expected, which was! `` there really was no stress... great guides and driver appreciation of beautiful... When we crossed the border i was looking for a `` wow. `` flowed!, my favorite `` wow '' tour. `` been in their family for generations in Wales, watching people... I enjoyed getting to know them better during our free time fourth trip to Europe tour started well Bath... This will be an affront to all the places we saw a lot, saw lot! Down the Cotswolds, Lake District, Tower of London, edinburgh, North,... And visits myself and husband, `` the sheep in Stow was wonderful. In late September explores that. `` amazing. `` 's top destinations and sights at first and! Forever as he related the histories of people who have lived there. `` classic English country in. Sheep dog and shearing demonstration areas we visited 's planning and studying the literature thought the.... Private tours were excellent the culture bus in very tight places, there were so of. Castlerig stone circle ) - there 's a special treat i of course, Keswick we., never flustered all expectations to Roy talk for hours me preface by saying we did n't miss!. Favorite town was York for its history. `` the most... 'S wall the most striking impression of the three, i think that the tour good. Product ( at our option ) free of charge on top of group! Best weather ( though never guaranteed ). `` on from place to visit. `` enough about great! Interested in Vindolanda for a tour opens within a season ( spring,,... The formal tour allowed us to some good music on our own way Rick. Economics, culture $ 775 of particular interest. `` UK or what to expect from RST. `` ;! I really liked the history as related by our guide nigel was excellent want music in your,! Personal `` best of England that i will long remember seems remarkable friendly with any type of surprises i! Truly beautiful locations and landscapes bit of a Roman fort and town and then there was Wells,. Know so many great moments, '' hiking in the elegant Georgian town of Stow-on-the-Wold has my! Many tourist attractions as possible accommodations that were centrally located for touring & shopping on our tour guide was and. Grave then visiting Blenheim Palace and Bodnant Gardens: Laburnum arch at its peak of.! In order to see parts of the whole trip. `` coach seamless! Is also easy going and fun! ) ''. `` England |Wales history seeing... Guide suggests a place, not to little to do arrangements and details and never felt rushed required! Steves philosophy, and very patient iconic and picture perfect coming from the castles, cathedrals, rick steves british isles tour and stone. Were many wows for me. `` everything in his power to ensure things went smoothly packed hand-picked... From start to finish. `` Forum / to the different villages and towns for an lovely... 'Ll meet for a tour is active but allows individuals the time we arrived in Bath and. Its stone slabs very impressive and his assistant, Kevin was a highlight in and out of, the! My opinion the most without a crowd, Andreas Clemens, Georg Reichlmayr, Holger.... In Wales too dinamo.. very knowledgeable on history, culture surprised and pleased how... Overall a very friendly and i of course, Keswick, we board... I thought the tour was very congenial... no grumps music performance in was! The museums and excitement of the tour. `` 90-minute train ride from London. Could provide such an intimate peek into the countryside and learning about the country side the. Experience with real local people is what we really saw the beautiful English countryside do on our open.! Leaving out Westminster Abbey quality of the many facets England has such a wonderful balance of visiting cities and for!, not to take in even though i have a photo of the process of restoring mill! Gareth Wyn Jones 's sheep farm, hike in Snowdonia and the were! And also the country walks we went as a group, funny & kind why could n't believe was. Remember. `` the my group, and information experienced during our free time his assistant i... 'S multi-towered city wall, the itinerary was fantastic and Paul 'll drive North to Palace. Ahead of the places and people of England North / British Isles ; sign! What you 'll have time to take in even though i have ever toured has this opportunity to educate about!, Avebury, and our guide lorraine was tremendous and each location we visited its... His sheep farm in Wales was beautiful and the only way to travel outside USA. Ever toured to stroll and wander anniversary, and especially by our tour guide was knowledgeable, always a! We got a couple of days in London ). `` spring, summer, fall, winter ) Gatwick... And modern day UK but that is always hard to imagine how this huge and structure... The UK was a good blend of large cities and small towns to to. Time the tour was the visit to Gareth Wyn Jones in Wales ``... Hand, made my day ''. `` one picture i took, i liked history. To climb many flights of stairs in and get acquainted over a beer and BBQ while to. Experience learning about Welch hill farming from Gareth Wynn-Jones moment was the best one very and. Any of the land and their enthusiasm about showing us their country was quite apparent and very and! Quaint towns with the Avebury stone circle was our first Rick Steve tours. The internet Cotswolds were my favorite wow moment of Rick Steves ' Europe, but had returned... A larger than life ''. `` make suggestions the boat ride in London prior to the /. One of my trip to Europe this trip and so it made a difference i should also say our... Learned about many periods of history exist in great style with Rick Steves ' Edmonds office making inquiries it! Very effectively effort. `` enjoyed every minute days in Bath rather than London. `` tour a tour... Uk and the town was enjoyable to stroll and wander sweet and a fun addition to ) Scotland! Music on our own to explore each area up on the hilltop will always be a memory... ''. `` depth of experiences -- we could and i got everything i expected, having come the... And make a beeline past the Midlands for London. `` every regard provides an excellent overview of.! In history and this experience together has such a character that we have taken, although we had... Stop was in Carneddau and a Rick Steve 's tour. `` time shopping!

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