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Total: Almost $12K over 3 years Over the course of our 36-month lease, we will pay a total of $7,139.64 to the dealership for the pleasure of using their car. For example, if you list your car for $40 per day and a driver rents it for 2 days, your earnings will be Earnings: 85% of ($40+$40) = $68. We offer two day rentals so there is no commitment. I do NOT want my car driven or entered into Mexico . I share my Mustang on Turo to help pay my bills while I finish up grad school. You need initial boost only. Hi, if the driver force road rule and get fined how do we get them to pay the penalty after manh days i receive penalty letter from NSW service please?. Thanks Aliharim. We will officially be operational in NY in about 2 weeks, so stay tuned! This post contains affiliate links that HyreCar may receive a commission for referring you to them. Hello Peilin! Do you operate in Alaska. And also how i can register with uber im actually in Stamford CT. If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. See Autotrader listings right here on I have a question! 3. Simply want to say your article is as surprising. Hello Diego, absolutely yes! You’ll earn 60% – 85% of the trip price, depending on the vehicle protection plan you choose. Is there a mileage limit or compensations for excessive miles? Yes, absolutely! So let me get this correct. Here’s what to do after you approve a driver’s request: The driver demand for Uber/Lyft is incredible. Is this service available in British Columbia Canada? My first question is whether or not you operate in Illinois. Unfortunately not yet; but we can’t wait to become nationwide! Head over to and one of our representatives can help you find a car as soon as possible! A representative will give you a call back if you email us. Listing takes about 10 minutes and is free — no sign-up charges, no monthly fees. Can you please contact me and let me know if there is a demand for this in Las Vegas and what they are averaging? I have 2005 Ford F-150 Super crew cab very good condition great for hauling Jobs or or for construcktion crew. Hello, unfortunately we are not in India yet. Sweet, huh? The car is in great condition, but it has 2 doors. Please visit to create an account and then you will be able to begin booking a vehicle. Why would a person rent a car from me vs getting a car from Enterprise or Hertz? If you lease a car, make sure the lease period either matches or is shorter … Do you have this service in Delhi India ? If you have any questions or need any assistance after creating an account, please email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. Hi are you guys have this service in San Diego California? However, we provide fully comprehensive insurance for the driver throughout the duration of the rental, so you’re covered! The following states do not have mandatory deposits, regardless of payment type: Florida, Colorado, Nevada. Hello, Is the services available in Detroit, Michigan ? Yes, they will be able to drive your vehicle but only in NJ for the time being. Covering Liverpool, the … Just that I am skeptical. From Singaoore. Please visit to create an account and then you will be able to begin booking a vehicle. What year of car is the requirement and do you have this in Colorado? There are some scratches. We recommend rates between $30 and $40/day, but you may want to go for the $25-$30/day range to really get your car always on the road. Am I eligible to list? One option is to re-lease the same vehicle. Log in, then use the tool to search for drivers and invite them to apply for your vehicle. I attempted to find the list again and do not see it. Thank you for asking. I live in Northern Illinois and am far from Chicago. I have my car that I will like to rent but will like to know if I need TLC plates on it. Is there a company that will store and handle the rental in/out transactions for me? Luckily, with HyreCar most rentals do end up being long term. I’m sure there are many of us that would love the opportunity to make money with our vehicles. If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. Local Lease Deals. In the event I process a claim because a driver clearly caused damage to my vehicle exceeding the deductible.. What would disqualify the claim from being approved. […] services like HyreCar, Drivy (UK) and GetAround allowing people to list their cars on a rideshare […]. I have 2 cars that I want to rent out. I have a 16’ feet box truck with a lift gate good to move furnitures or work materials can be post it to rent it out in dallas area (lewisvilletx ) 2016 Ford E350 ? Some business owners like the idea of having newer cars to drive to meetings and events. If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. For any additional information, including our FAQ, please visit us at or find us on Twitter @HyreCar. Depending on the damages, the driver can be liable. It’s in mint condition with leather seats and all. The price is up to you but please reach out to us to learn competitive pricing in your area. If I read and understand correctly your service is entitled to 15% of every run my vehicle completest? What about Vancouver, BC, Canada? Please visit to create an account and begin listing your vehicle. Absolutely! Do you think the I’d be allowed to drive Ford Transit for Uber and Lyft? I need to know if this would be worth doing. If the driver wants to extend the rental, and you’re OK with it, he/she can do that through the HyreCar dashboard. Hello im a car dealer in Orange county California can i use this service for cars in my inventory. What is the daily rent fee I can ask for. We have people on our platform who have over 20 cars rented out. If not, you can do so here and view vehicles:, Hi Sam so I have a car which is register but has no insurance . I live in New York City. We are opening up in New York shortly! Here is a list of state requirements. You absolutely can rent out a financed vehicle. if so what type of daily rate can been generated? I’m in Maryland btw, less than 45min from DC/Northern VA, Unfortunately that vehicle will not qualify. Not yet. Car Lease Extension. This is also known as, . Please visit to sign up and list your vehicle to rent out to rideshare drivers. HyreCar is available in Dallas! Is there demand in LA? Please email with any questions you have so we can help you get started! Please double check with Uber/Lyft for their requirements as it will depend on where your vehicle is registered. If you have a relative in the U.S., then it may work out in the sense that the relative or friend would assist and manage the rental process. 2. Which ultimately turns into the driver being arrested for felony drug distribution and trafficking causing my vehicle to be impounded as the driver was using my car to transport, deliver & sell narcotics? Leasing a car or truck under your business name, instead of through a personal credit profile, is gaining in popularity among even the smallest of companies. If I would to rent it out on your platform would I need insurance ?. Feel free to visit to create a partner account and begin listing your vehicle. What happens to my vehicle insurance after I list it on your platform? If you own a good quality vehicle that you don’t use, why not rent it out and make some extra cash? Get started at Please check our website frequently so you don’t miss any updates! HyreCar does not charge any fees to list a car on the portal, nor is there a membership fee. We can’t persecute a driver for not taking advantage of their opportunity; if they make no runs, they simply end up with less money in their account. What happens if the renter gets a parking ticket or runs a red light and caught on camera? However, if the vehicle breaks down on the driver, we do have a roadside assistance team that we work with to help out in case of such emergencies. If you are looking to rent your vehicle out to rideshare drivers to make some easy passive income, please email with any questions so we can help you get started! The owners are responsible for maintenance. Owners can pay a small fee to see a driver’s personal contact information. Question 3: is it ares required to do inspection from uber and Lyft. However, we are planning to expand our operations into NY within a few weeks! As long as your vehicle is properly registered and meets Uber and Lyft’s vehicle requirements, you will be able to list your vehicle to rent out to rideshare drivers and make some extremely easy passive income. We recommend getting your Uber/Lyft and basic 19 point inspections done before you list your car. (Maximum mileage/age of vehicle), Hi Jonathan, We haven’t expanded our operation to Canada yet, sorry! Yes, of course! Yes, we are! Get Out Of Your Car Lease. Agree on a mutually convenient drop off time and place. We are always looking for more cars in Illinois! Once your car lease is up, you may have different options depending on your lease agreement. Hi I live in Oakland, CA and have a 2009 Highlander, which I would like to provide to a driver for Rideshare. As long as your account is active and eligible to drive in the state of Alamaba with a Nevada driver license, then you are able to rent a vehicle on our platform. How is the demand in the dfw area- specifically in Fort Worth? oil, changes , tire rotations etc? Have you already created an account? We are always growing, so feel free to check back with us. Is he (she) responsible for fixing damages to the truck? Im going out of country so i wajted to rentout my car for 6 months atleast is it possible here ? Hi Tristan, although hypothetically it could happen, we have controls in place that would prevent that scenario from occurring. Yes, we are operational in both! We will have a representative get ahold of you to help you properly list your vehicle. I need to know: 1. Market your leased vehicle to thousands of potential pre-screened lease buyers nationwide. And your vehicle is also protected by. Let’s show you how to earn money with your car! Depending on the year, we would recommend that you charge $35-40/day, $200-225/week, and $800-1000/month. That way, drivers can rent your car immediately instead of waiting for the inspections to be done. Depending on the damages, the driver can be liable. We recommend looking at other listings in your area for your kind of car, just to see what the going rates are. The vehicle will simply need to meet Uber/Lyft’s vehicle requirements in order to rent it out to rideshare drivers. Hi I just learned about your ride sharing program and I’m very interested! As long as it meets the minimum requirements to be eligible for Uber and Lyft you can list it on our website. And if you guys do does a salvage car be approve to rent? Thanks! It is actually one of our busiest, if not most popular cities that we currently operate in right now. To answer your questions: Economic vehicles that are fuel efficient and get the best mileage typically have the highest demand from drivers (Prius, Camry, Corolla, Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra, Hyundai Sonata) Tolls, airport fees, parking/red light tickets are sent to the vehicle owners via mail. Thanks! 2. Turo screens all guests before allowing them to book, so you can rest easy knowing your car is in good hands. Thanks! to download the Uber vehicle inspection form, to download the Lyft vehicle inspection form. Not quite yet. Your car is now listed and ready to be rented! I have a 2017 Mirage g4 I want to rent out this spring. Is that possible, If yes what is process? My question is who is responsible for maintenance or mechanical problems for the car? Visit for more information. Best, Nicho. is growing every day as more and more independent contractors join the on-demand economy. Do you have policies against this, or rules set in place so the car is not taken to Mexico. The drivers will need to be signed up and registered through HyreCar (along with you/your vehicles) in order for you to get paid. Are you available in Philippines, Manila? We have car owners with over 20 cars on the market that are pulling in $15,000-$20,000 per month. I am trying to register my car for hyrecar. If you have any questions or need assistance after you create an account, please email or call 888-688-6769. The leasing option you get on your car will depend on the negotiated purchase price. To check and see if your car meets the requirements check out our blog post on that here! Hello Jasmin! It happens. Are you available in Michigan I’m interested in renting out my car. Hello Avtar, please visit to create an account and begin listing your vehicle. Hi Mark! Our service caters to long term renters, so you’re in luck! Hello I have a small car dealership And getting a license to rent cars. Hello Shannon! Hello Shamzil, thank you for your interest in HyreCar. Hello, I am car dealership can I rent my cars with you? Yes, you totally can and this is a great way to earn money towards your payments. Hi Nicole! If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. If you have any questions or need any assistance after creating an account, please email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. 3. They will simply need to hand off keys to the drivers who rent your vehicle and handle any required maintenance/oil changes etc. Hello! Hi Carmelita, We are available in Sacramento! You would need to have a friend or family member “manage” your vehicle while you are gone on vacation to coordinate with the driver and hand off the keys. Our drivers love to rent cars for long periods of time. For any tolls, tickets or violations, we will assist you in transferring liability. Suggestions. We have been operational in Florida for about a month now! There are so many developers working on this part but this is one of the best innovative post ever. Do I need a particular insurance or do you guys provide it?? How can I rent out this vehical ? Hi Hakim, you are more than welcome to contact a representative to answer a few questions. The car’s insurance will be uploaded to the HyreCar site within 24 hours before the rental period. We are not yet but please stay tuned. I am looking to purchase a few vehicles and put them to work in this network, uber and possible turo. No, unfortunately we are not in India quite yet. U still havent reached south florida have you…? Yes, your vehicle will need to be properly registered before renting it out in NYC. Yes! What year does the car have to be? Nice! If you needed to have repairs done, the deductible would fall on the driver, which is $2,500. When someone rents your car from HyreCar, they’re renting it to use as a rideshare driver. Uber and Lyft are definitely the money makers for most drivers. Certain areas have much higher demand than others. to sign up for Neighbor and get paid for your extra space today. If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. Do we have to claim taxes on the profit? On average, our prices range from $20-45/day, $200-300/week, and $600-1100/month depending on the type of vehicle and price that the owner sets. I want to rent out my tata indigo diesel TDI sedan car. That’s 80.00. Hello! The driver demand for Uber/Lyft is incredible. We sure are! when would i get paid for renting out my car? Let’s say you have an extra car that you don’t drive very much. Hello, I’m getting deployed out side of the US and I have a 2017 car can i rent it out for at least six months if so I live in WA Seattle. What kind of car would be good for rentalfrom what yearvto what year andvwhat kind of mileage. I don’t recall seeing it……however I’d rather double check and have a accurate answer. I get the explanation about renting to Uber. Based in Brighton we have over 30 years car leasing experience. Yes, there is but for specific data please give us a call to speak to a sales agent in your area. Or is it rented at a lower rate because it’s older? Thanks. Hello Cynthia! Thank you for asking. A representative will be reaching out to you shortly. Hello, we do operate in Florida and have many available cars all over the state! How long does the process take before the car will start to generate income and [4] How many hours will be car be driven in a day, in order to generate $800/$1000 monthly. Hello Prasad, we are operational all across 50 States in America. No we do not have a lot where you would be able to leave your vehicle. If you are looking to rent your vehicle out to make some passive income, please visit to list it. Please refer to Uber or Lyft for requirements in your area! If you are looking to rent your vehicle out to rideshare drivers, please visit to get started. Who’s responsible for the service and upkeep of my car? I donot want my car to rest in garage for more than week ? Hello Bill! It is the same with car insurance. Now as an Illinois resident am I able to rent my vehicle which is registered in Illinois to Indiana residents seeking a vehicle to rent? With sat radio and touch screen . Please call 8886886769 for more help! I saw on a show that even old Hoda Accords were in demand. Please I do have to have TLC car to rent it with you guys for an uber or Lyft Or I just give you my personal car and that is it Please reply me on What kind of car do you suggest? If you happened to be out of town during a time when your vehicle needed maintenance done, you can always reimburse the driver for handling the payments (if needed). Once you register an account, you can email with any questions you have in terms of pricing/potential earnings for that type of vehicle in your specific location. Hey am happy to know that you guys are finally coming to ny…but seeing that nyc requires T&LC….what will be the requirements of the car owner renting out I. Ny? But the process isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Please visit to create an account and begin listing your vehicle. My last and final question is what if the driver renting my vehicle is running 10+ hours per day completing all of his runs and appears to be a great driver until he is pulled over for a simple traffic stop that goes wrong and fast. Just liability coverage? If you have any questions or need any assistance after creating an account, please email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. You can list your vehicle, please visit to create an account and begin listing your vehicle. Find My Next Car Thanks! What’s the cut off year and mileage for a vehicle to eligible? Is this available to post cars in Chicago….?? So what are you waiting for? Copyright 2020 HyreCar Inc | All Rights Reserved, in order to earn extra income?” HyreCar has the answer. Where can i see the list of the cities you are available ? Hope. The best thing to do is to check out the requirements for your state. My apologies.. Let me ask this way.. How about accepting older vehicles with lower mileage, or something along these lines? You can earn an additional $100-300 every month renting out your empty space! Typically owners in your area are making $1,200 a month! 4. I have a 2016 Uber Ready Black Toyota Camry I am having difficulty finding a driver. As a Renter, I am covered by HyreCar’s insurance from the moment I get the keys to the moment I return them. While they aren’t mandatory, the inspections for Uber/Lyft and a basic 19-point inspection look extremely good to drivers, as they won’t have to get them done themselves individually. I need to rent my private car in india to you.. We are currently only operating in the United States, so unfortunately we would not be able to rent out your vehicle in India. We do require a refundable security deposit of $200, and there are no additional deposits/down payments. Check out additional car requirements here:, […] services like HyreCar, Drivy (UK) and GetAround allowing people to list their cars on a rideshare type platform, […]. It’s also good to list, If you need assistance getting the 19 point inspection done, check out. You offer insurance and what does it cover .Would cancel my insurance be good? I’m not too far from Hulen Mall so that would be my idea spot to drop off/pick up the car. Have a 2005 Q35 infinity, 2 door can this be rented ? Typically that is about 10 – 15 years old depending on the location. Hi Terry! Thanks for featuring us. What are the requirements of cars? Some people think a car lease is nothing more than a long-term car rental. Apart, how much rates should I be asking for the same ? The renter of your car will be automatically notified 24 hours before your vehicle is due to be returned to you. It sits in a garage . We provide insurance for ridesharing from a leade edge insurance provider so your vehicle is covered during the rental. […] That’s easy passive income right there. Hello Nanu! In general, any vehicle that is less than 10 years old, has passed a 19-point inspection, and has 4 doors is clear to list on our platform. Similar to listing your space on Airbnb, you can make tons of cash renting out your spare car. We would love to operate in NYC, however, the laws there are extremely restrictive for ridesharing and rental services so it’s just possible at the moment. By the way, there is never a membership fee to list your car with HyreCar. Both you and the driver will confirm the pickup on the HyreCar marketplace. Please visit to create an account and begin listing your vehicle. Or Weirton WV? 3? Yes, both of those cities are always very active! I have a 2018 ford f250 diesel pickup with full crew cab and full 8ft bed. THIS is your model? I have. If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. Can u rent your car out for less than one day? The vehicle owners are responsible for the maintenance. Hi HyreCar I live in Seattle WA and I have a 2017 Toyota Camry with 9000 miles. That actually depends on what city you plan on driving in, check out our blog post on that here: Registration and insurance on my name. Also, I have car for Uber/Lyft. Yes- Please visit to create an account and begin listing your vehicle. As well as how can I upload my car in your systems.? When you lease a car for your business, you can deduct the mileage and actual expenses such as monthly payments, interest, tax, upkeep and maintenance including inspections, oil changes, new brakes and tires. I have an excellent working three Honda civic cars of 2015-16. Hi, i want to purchase New commercial car to give on monthly rental income basis. Yes we are available in Detroit, MI! And if yes how much I’ll get paid. You will be setting a daily, weekly, and monthly price on your vehicle. Hope that answers your question! It is 1099 Misc Schedule C or E. I’m planning to rent my car on Hyrecar platform. Send me the details of South Africa please. Can one rent out pick up truck? The minimum age requirement there is actually 2007: Credit screening included with your membership, No Money Down Leases. Yes. Do you operate in NY? Browse lease offers on any make and model by tailoring your initial payment, mileage and lease length using the filters to create a plan that suits your monthly budget. How do you guys not operate in NYC? When you lease a vehicle, you're basically renting it from the dealer for a certain length of time. Hope that helps! Most Uber and Lyft drivers are looking to rent vehicles that are very fuel efficient (Prius, Camry, Civic, Altima, etc.) HyreCar will rent your car to Uber drivers who are in need of a vehicle. Share your truck, sports car, or anything in between. Yes, we are available in Syracuse! when I buy the car doI have to have my own insurance or is there some sort of “rentor insurance” ? Please check with Uber or Lyft to see if your vehicle is qualified and eligible in your area. Feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. It’s a Volkswagen Sharan minivan. is the contract between me and the driver is weekly or monthly ? Looking to rent out my 2010 black Volvo SUV in Seattle Wa, what would that look like. Search for; Murgrabia’s tools go viral. How much can I expect to earn on that? If so ,I am looking to buy a used vehicle to drive for uber at times and rent out when I am not using the vehicle which would be a majority of the month. Can i take a car for rent for personal use? Both hosts and guests review each other after every trip, so you can see your guests’ reviews before hosting them. I do not plan to be a Lyft or Uber driver? What is the email you registered your account with? Do you operate here in NY city or not yet. All Hyrecar drivers have our insurance package included in their rental cost. If you have further questions, please give us a call at 888.688.6769. As long as your vehicle meets these requirements, we can help you get it rented out! How does your company track utilized mileage and how are leasers held accountable for factory recommended maintenance service? Remember they can pick the car up in front of my house I would never drive it. Unfortunately we do not operate in Canada quite yet. Yes we sure do! I have a 1998 Jeep Cherokee which is in fantastic condition, both inside and out. I’ll try to answer everything in a similar manner . Thank you! Hi so im located in The bay area, i have a 2015 Nissan Altima, im going to Brazil for 4 months and was wondering if there was a way to rent out my car while im away for That duration of time? Thanks for such post. This is a fantastic post! You’ll also help a rideshare driver who needs a vehicle to start working and earning money as well. Your ideas are fantastic. That does not include road tax, season parking and etc. Please visit to create an owner account and begin listing your vehicle on to our marketplace so we can help you get it rented out. Which car is most sought after in the Los Angeles region? Do you guys rent out in Pittsburgh pa? You can make over $1,000 a month by renting out your personal vehicle to a rideshare driver. We would love to help you! Thank you. […]. Thank you! Definitely needed this information now. If you don’t feel like sending out rental invitations, there’s an additional option for owners to search for drivers and reach out to them personally. If I rented my car out but was leaving the country for an extended time, would that still work. We’re talking insurance that meets and often surpasses state insurance requirements. Is there a way to rent out my 2016 Subaru Impreza for 1 year while I travel? We do operate in San Diego! They make sure that both you and the other party are covered so that if anything happens, you […]. Car owners experience very low risk when renting their cars to drivers. The vehicle age requirements vary from city to city. List your car and you should have no problem getting it rented out! Since I don’t know how often within a month the car will have the chance of being rented daily–because there are many cars–I would like to have it rented out once for a long term. Let’s say my car is rented 2 days and comes back with 200 miles on it. This means you will be able to control the market in Beaverton if you decide to list vehicles there! Thanks for the opportunity.Couple of questions. I’m looking for $50 per day to rent out my car. We will have a HyreCar agent reach out shortly! , Do We need to have a Tlc plate for the car??? Then you will be able to transfer the ownership of liability over to the driver for them to pay. but am so much interested in foreign investment can’t I buy a car there and rent it out to your company as an investment. I have a 2015 Nisan ultimate in NYC which I use to for Uber and Lyft. That is the risk you take. I’ve tried a couple times but every time I upload pictures, somewhere the site refreshes and all my info put in disappears asking me to refill the the info. However, if you are looking to rent out your vehicle, please visit and create an account to get started. Awesome! also is this type rent-able? Users on average save upwards of $741 annually!

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