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In the latter the artist provides a model in plaster from which the founder takes a mould within an encircling box. 0. Instructions. The gondola or flat car corresponds to the European open wagons and is used to carry goods not liable to be injured by the weather; but in the United States the practice of covering the load with tarpaulins is unknown, and therefore the proportion of box cars is much greater than in Europe. As soon as Osiris tried, Typhon had the box nailed up, and threw it into the Tanaite branch of the Nile. In the breast pocket of his cassock was a large silver snuff box, and he always wore a biretta. Too nervous, Jessi instinctively knelt on the floor beside the overturned box and began collecting the small treasures. Thus, a shallow tin vessel, such as the lid of a biscuit box, may be levelled and filled with tap-water through a rubber hose. In 1679 Charles denied, in council, his supposed marriage with Lucy Walter, Monmouth's mother, his declarations being published in 1680 to refute the legend of the black box which was supposed to contain the contract of marriage, and told Burnet he would rather see him hanged than legitimize him. He had a big box in his arms. The litter box remained, and she knew if she looked under the bed, Sunny would be there. The second method, which he calls the "Promptuarium Multiplicationis" on account of its being the most expeditious of all for the performance of multiplications, involves the use of a number of lamellae or little plates of metal disposed in a box. In addition to the bones themselves, the box contained a ripped plaid flannel shirt, and nestled at the bottom, dirty jeans, boots, and yellowed, soiled undershorts. S. Barged through the door in a hurry. It may be mentioned here that on the first of these sites a cuneiform tablet belonging to the Amarna series was discovered; at Gezer, a deed of sale; at Tell-el-Hasy the remains of a Babylonian stele, three seals, and three cylinders with Babylonian mythological representations; at Tell-el-Mutasellim, a seal bearing a Babylonian legend, and at Taannek, twelve tablets and fragments of tablets were found near the fragments of the terracotta box in which they were stored. A bakery box held four small French pastries. In the statement below, the ing is added so the sentence will flow. The countess had long wished for such a box, but as she did not want to cry just then she glanced indifferently at the portrait and gave her attention chiefly to the box for cards. This court case could open a Pandora's box of similar claims. Change your default dictionary to American English. Opening the outer box, the merchant removed several paper parcels which appeared to fill the box, but under them was a second box, or perhaps two small boxes, which, when taken out, showed the bottom of the large box and all the intervening space filled with more paper parcels. Or we may take the opposite view, and regard the story of Osiris and his war with Seth (who shut him up in a box and mutilated him) as a dualistic myth, originally on the level of the battle betweenaGaunab andTsui-Goab, or between Tagar and Suqe. It will be noticed that in the earlier stages the quantity of sulphur impurities is actually increased between the purifiers - in fact, the greater amount of sulphiding procures the ready removal of the carbon disulphide, - but it is the carbon dioxide in the gas that is the disturbing element, inasmuch as it decomposes the combinations of sulphur and calcium; consequently it is a paramount object in this system to prevent this latter impurity finding its way through the first box of the series. Perhaps the weekend respite from the jury box had lessened Fred's apprehension. The vessel may be a flower-pot sawn in two, so that the halves may be bound together when used, or it may be a flower-pot or box with a side slit which will admit the shoot; this vessel is to be filled compactly with suitable porous earth, the opening at the slit being stopped by pieces of slate or tile. The magnet is protected from draughts by the box A, which is closed at the sides by two shutters when an observation is being taken. Once you open that little Pandora's box it's hard to stop. "That's what I thought," Carmen interrupted caustically, and gave the wood box a swift kick. Another very common use of ESTAR is indicate the location of things or people. Another feat of his was to apply a lining of silver to a shakudo box by shaping and hammering only, the fit being so perfect that the lining clung like paper to every part of the box. He placed the bone atop Cynthia's jewelry box on their bureau and climbed into bed. The death-dealer gave her another long look before she pointed to the stainless steel box at the end of the kitchen. 171-183); Bousset, op. Sarah had shown her how to change the blood bag and left a box of them. Your box of junk that Chicago guy palmed off on you probably caused my nightmare. Torfaeus we learn that the compass, fitted into a box, was already in use among the Norwegians about the middle of the 13th century (Hist. They use the best Maine Firs, which gives off the strongest scent right out of the box. . This receiving apparatus, with the exception of the Morse printer, was contained in a sheet-iron box, so as to exclude it from the action of the sparks of the neighbouring transmitter. But the exercise unleashed a Pandora's box of problems with issues raised over the handling of contracts and renovation funds. CAMERA OBSCURA, an optical apparatus consisting of a darkened chamber (for which its name is the Latin rendering) at the top of which is placed a box or lantern containing a convex lens and sloping mirror, or a prism combining the lens and mirror. You'll sit on the box, won't you, Petya? Most of these are perforated for mounting on threads or wires, and had been, no doubt, originally connected together to form one or more of the elaborate girdles, necklaces and breast ornaments then worn by the women.3 On the bottom of the stone box there was similar dust, pieces of bone and jewelry, and also remains of what had been vessels of wood. Test. You use the first and second sentences in formal conversations. The total number of revolutions is read off by a scale attached to the side of the box, but not seen in the figure. Then he made a close estimate of the spot where the, Tayleure would cheapen a penny loaf, and run down the price of a, The lever of the hook projects through the side of the, He pushed a chair towards him and indicated with a gesture of invitation a, And then he whispered something to the girl which made her laugh, and give him a good-humored, He always did this before the heap was placed in the rubbish, As far as they could make it out at the distance they were, one of the passengers had sprung overboard and was floating around on a, He located a spare fuse, pushed an empty trunk over to the fuse, This instrument was ordinarily mounted in a wooden, The instant a thought of the loss of their little treasure, Cloete without a word begins to grope all over the shelves for a, Pep gave the wetted pillow case a jerk, freeing it of its enclosure, and the little cash, If there was dissatisfaction inside the coach it was nothing at all compared to the excitement on the, The small boy who has lately taken to selling his single, A little before midnight of that day the Danville prisoners were loaded into, Frank saw Randy making for the spot, and as Pep grasped the side of the floating, It was his further privilege to hurry after the pair with a suit-case, some magazines, and a, My wafers are done; cannot you manage to send me a, I seen you drivin' in with your swell friends, and sittin' in a, Long Way in a sentence | Short example sentence for long way[Class 1-5], Fighter in a sentence | Short example sentence for fighter[Class 1-5], Bushy in a sentence | Short example sentence for bushy[Class 1-5], Million Years in a sentence | Short example sentence for million years[Class 1-5], Pencils in a sentence | Short example sentence for pencils[Class 1-5], Rugged in a sentence | Short example sentence for rugged[Class 1-5], Went Off in a sentence | Short example sentence for went off[Class 1-5], Syndrome in a sentence | Short example sentence for syndrome[Class 1-5], Compromised in a sentence | Short example sentence for compromised[Class 1-5], Musically in a sentence | Short example sentence for musically[Class 1-5], Package in a sentence | Short example sentence for package[Class 1-5], Sticker in a sentence | Short example sentence for sticker[Class 1-5], Receipt in a sentence | Short example sentence for receipt[Class 1-5], Envelope in a sentence | Short example sentence for envelope[Class 1-5], Stationery in a sentence | Short example sentence for stationery[Class 1-5], Deposit in a sentence | Short example sentence for deposit[Class 1-5], Envelopes in a sentence | Short example sentence for envelopes[Class 1-5], Debit in a sentence | Short example sentence for debit[Class 1-5], Cards in a sentence | Short example sentence for cards[Class 1-5].

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