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Previous page. Rick: So wait a minute — Indonesia was originally the "Spice Islands"? Their 17-dish, classic rijsttafel spread is as good as any. Coffeeshop worker: Five grams. It's a place where carillons chime quaintly from spires towering above coffeeshops where yuppies go to smoke pot. Coffeeshop worker: Eleven. 621 pages. You'll see propaganda movie clips, study forged ID cards under a magnifying glass, and read about ingenious and courageous efforts — big and small — to hide local Jews from the Germans and undermine the Nazi regime. We'll drop into a coffee shop…that doesn't sell coffee, and we'll ponder the Red Light District. But he also wrestled with his inner world, capturing spiritual scenes with surreal colors, twisted forms, and dark outlines. This is where the river hit the sea. It was built to showcase the art of the Dutch Golden Age. (Rick Steves (www.ricksteves.com) writes European guidebooks, hosts travel shows on public TV and radio, and organizes European tours. Rick Steves' travel books are always insightful but I found the 2015 version of Amsterdam/the Netherlands to be especially thorough. The historic core of Amsterdam remains much the same today as when it was first laid out back in the 1600s. Each tour includes a PDF companion map. Houseboat Museum Your chance to see one of these floating homes from the inside. Today's Amsterdam is still a city of good living, with cozy cafés, great art, street-corner jazz, stately history, and a spirit of live and let live. Here, children teach a cat to dance — mischief on their delighted faces — but their father's upset that they're wasting time. I prefer the energy in the casual "bodega" to the more formal restaurant (and only in the bodega will they serve the smaller lunch plate for dinner). His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. ▲ Jewish Historical Museum and Portuguese Synagogue Exhibits on Judaism and culture and beloved synagogue that serves today's Jewish community. Oscar: Yes. Rick: OK, so you can get the loose leafs, or you can get pre-rolled joints. Rolinka: It's my favorite canal, Rick. Vincent's ecstasy alternated with depression. Anne died just weeks before the end of the war. Rolinka: Mmm-hmm. Can you imagine that tiny Netherlands today once, 350 years ago, had colonies all over the world? Coffeeshop worker: This particular strain, yeah. ▲▲ Red Light District Walk Women of the world's oldest profession on the job. We'll cruise the canals and bike the back lanes. Wealthy merchants built this city upon millions of wooden pilings, creating a wonderland of canals lined with trees and townhouses crowned with fancy gables. Language: English. ▲▲ Hermitage Amsterdam Russia's Tsarist treasures, on loan from St. Petersburg. A small window, letting in a splash of the outside world, lifted her spirits. A pilgrimage for many, this house offers a fascinating look at the hideaway of young Anne during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. A stroll in the park is a good complement to a thoughtful museum experience. … I'm having my zipper down on the urinal shot. Rick Steves' Europe. And many barely survived — on a diet of tulip bulbs. The Rijksmuseum has four rare and precious paintings by Johannes Vermeer. But, rather than the standard stiff pose, this one bursts with energy. ▲▲▲ Anne Frank House Young Anne's hideaway during the Nazi occupation. Her handwritten diary inspires visitors, and her book has been translated into 70 languages. He moved to Paris, and the City of Light opened up a whole new world of color. Another example of Amsterdam's creative approach to social challenges is its Red Light District. In this painting, the prophet Jeremiah laments the destruction of Jerusalem. Amsterdam's touristy main drag, Damrak, was once the main canal. ISBN-10. Terms of Service | Privacy, Upcoming Holidays and Festivals in the Netherlands, The Netherlands: Recommended Books and Movies, Amsterdam’s Dutch Resistance Museum (clip), Amsterdam’s Counter Culture: Virtues and Vices Dance Cheek to Cheek, Comfort and Company in Europe’s Cafés and Pubs, Engaging Experts Enrich European Experiences, In Studio: Roaming the Homes of Europe’s Top Artists. Schedule. Some 70,000 victims spent time here, awaiting transfer to concentration camps. And, with a determination to embrace life, a visit here can contribute mightily to that ultimate souvenir: a broader perspective. With their cramped interiors and steep stairs, houses came with a pulley, so goods could be hoisted up and down on the outside with a rope. Temporary exhibits fill the new wing. Oscar: Twenty-eight. ©2021 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | That was Holland's Golden Age, when Dutch merchant ships made this the world's richest city. Yet at the same time, it's got a fun, contemporary edge. Rolinka: Yeah. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Coffeeshop worker: Yes. ▲▲ Netherlands Maritime Museum Rich seafaring story of the Netherlands, told with vivid artifacts. The work of Jan Steen offers a delightful slice of 17th-century Dutch life. For this spectacle, browsers are welcome. You feel that best in Vondelpark on a sunny summer afternoon. ‎Rick Steves Netherlands Audio Tours provide humorous and insightful commentary on the art and history of many of the Netherland's most notable museums and historic sites. Many starved. ‎ Bike cobblestone streets, cruise on charming canals, and stop and smell the tulips: with Rick Steves on your side, the Netherlands can be yours! Rick Steves always gives useful travel info but this was a little outdated in many sections for Amsterdam. (Rick Steves series) by Rick Steves. ▲▲▲ Van Gogh Museum More than 200 paintings by the angst-ridden artist. If you're a confident boater, consider renting a serious vessel. Please be considerate of the people who live around the courtyard, and don't photograph the residents or their homes. A striking film museum and art cinema is bringing new life to this now-revitalized neighborhood. With Rick Steves. At lunch the bami goreng or nasi goreng (fried noodles or rice) is a feast of its own (reservations smart for dinner). Publication date. Now, painters earned their living working not for the Church or the king, but by painting portraits for local big shots. Propaganda movie clips tried to make Dutch Nazis look like winners. Rick: Ok, so you don't mix it together; you want to appreciate each distinct spice. Amsterdam has a long tradition of welcoming the persecuted. And with the local passion for tolerance, it's occasionally shocking. He studied to be a pastor and did church work in poor communities. From this spine, the city opens like a fan, with hundreds of bridges and a series of concentric canals. Energized by the sun-drenched colors and the blue, blue sky, in just two years Vincent produced an explosion of canvases. But it's being transformed from a gritty industrial area into a vibrant, modern, and very livable district. Amsterdam offers everything a sightseer could want. Rick: Beautiful. The intention: Women run a safe, independent business. The old standbys (Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum) have reopened after closures for renovations, and there are some new joys for sightseers. Rick: So what is this neighborhood called? They consider legislating morality to be counter-productive and remind me that we Americans lock up nearly 10 times as many people per capita as Europeans do. You'll see actual artifacts: the secret bookcase entry, Anne's movie-star cutouts on the wall, and her diaries. Rick: Eighteen. ▲▲▲ Rijksmuseum Best collection anywhere of the Dutch Masters — Rembrandt, Hals, Vermeer, and Steen — in a spectacular setting. In a merchant's house the shop was on the ground floor, the family lived in the middle, and the attic served as a kind of warehouse. An entire museum is dedicated to the work of the great Dutch artist, Vincent van Gogh. The Cruise. Sloep Delen has a fleet of 12-seater boats with silent electric motors. But they couldn't protect their haven from the Nazis. The park is popular with romantic couples, free spirits sharing blankets and beers, and young families. Surprising to me, anyone can hire one of these electric boats for a little independent exploring. Amsterdam is perhaps Europe's best-preserved 17th-century city. While the Germans confiscated all radios, the Dutch secretly got their news from England via miniature radios. Visiting the Anne Frank House humanizes the horror of the Holocaust through the story of just one of six million victims. But hard drugs are strictly forbidden. Smaller canvases by no-name artists that a regular merchant could afford and hang in his living room. The third floor shows works that influenced Vincent, from Monet and Pissarro to Gauguin, Cézanne, and Toulouse-Lautrec. They were called the "Spice Islands." Coffeeshop worker: Eighteen. …Hmm…I'll never remember all this. Collar good, wardrobe good, hair good? The city is decorated with ornate gables. You can email Rick at rick@ricksteves.com and follow his blog on Facebook.) It's a venerable local favorite for rijsttafel, with a waitstaff that seems to have been on board since colonial times. This article was adapted from his new book, For the Love of Europe. Whether Protestants, Catholics, or Jews, through the ages, the Dutch have given refuge to the persecuted. Rick Steves Pocket Amsterdam works best for people taking a short trip, or perhaps a return trip, to Amsterdam. Visitors enter an assembly hall Nazis used for local Jews destined for concentration camps. Upstairs is a small, but evocative, history exhibit with a model of the ghetto, plus film footage of daily life before and during the occupation. This self-portrait of Rembrandt at age 55 shows a man who's seen it all and woven those experiences into his art. Canal boats treat visitors to a scenic ride, while privately hired boats of all sizes create their own ambience. The great Dutch painter Rembrandt — this is a self-portrait at age 22—earned his money painting portraits. Today, it's a thought-provoking memorial that makes an indelible impression on its visitors — whether tourists or school groups having a thought-provoking field trip. The connection! In 1888, he headed for the south of France, arriving just as winter was turning to spring. Rick Steves Amsterdam & the Netherlands - Ebook written by Rick Steves. Highlights include Sunflowers, The Bedroom, The Potato Eaters, and many brooding self-portraits. Peek into the hidden Catholic church, dating from the time when post-Reformation Dutch Catholics couldn't worship in public. Bikers everywhere, doing chores, flirting, delivering, texting…you name it: Around here, it happens on two wheels. Perhaps for the first time, art catered to the tastes and budgets of middle-class people too. The newest and most striking feature of the Amsterdam skyline is EYE, a film museum and cinema housed in an übersleek modern building immediately across the water from Central Station. Holland's Golden Age shines with the best collection anywhere of the Dutch Masters — from Vermeer's quiet domestic scenes and Steen's raucous family meals, to Hals' snapshot portraits and Rembrandt's moody brilliance. Wearing the standard power suit of the day, it's as if someone walks in and grabs their attention — natural as a snapshot. When the Netherlands won its independence from Catholic Spain back in the 1500s, the Dutch government outlawed Catholicism. Inside Rick Steves Amsterdam & the Netherlands you'll find: Comprehensive coverage for spending a week or more<… It offers a fun look at the city taking a break. Built in the 1600s for warehouses and to house workers, it's now home to artists and inviting little restaurants and cafés. Amsterdam has plenty of examples of their progressive approach to subjects many people consider unsavory. Amsterdam by Bike - Audio Europe: Netherlands, Belgium by Rick Steves Audio Europe published on 2015-02-11T02:08:53Z Amsterdam-based tour guide Nica Johnson explains how visitors can enjoy her bike-friendly city on two wheels. Seventeenth-century land was expensive, and taxes were based on the width of the house. The park's 'T Blauwe Theehuis ("The Blue Tea House") is a delightful spot to nurse a drink and take in the scene. Amsterdam is particularly well-suited for audio tours. Amsterdam — Europe's best-preserved 17th-century city — is simultaneously quaint and jarring, traditional and modern. Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) The Trip. Wealthy, democratic burghers built a city upon millions of pilings, creating a wonderland of canals lined with trees and townhouses topped with fancy gables. In this, one of his last works, the canvas is a wall of thick paint, with roads leading nowhere, and ominous black crows taking flight. When it comes to prostitution, the Dutch figure, if it's going to happen anyway, rather than criminalize it, it's smarter to corral and monitor it. ), then the south of France (swirly, emotional scenes with surreal colors and twisted forms). In this quiet painting of an ordinary milkmaid, Vermeer — who brings out the beauty of everyday things — creates a scene where we can almost hear the trickle of the pouring milk. Stepping into this tiny, idyllic courtyard in the city center, you escape into the charm of old Amsterdam (free, daily 8:00–17:00). Only her father survived. Notice house #34, a 500-year-old wooden structure (rare, since repeated fires taught city fathers a trick called brick). Excerpted from the Rick Steves Amsterdam … Amsterdam. ▲ Diamond Tours Offered at shops throughout the city. Inside Rick Steves Amsterdam & the Netherlands you'll find: Comprehensive coverage for spending a week or more<… It's a commanding structure, built in the 1670s, when Catholics were still worshipping in secret. This synagogue is majestic in its simplicity — a spacious place of worship with four Ionic columns supporting a wooden roof. Rick: Eleven euros. Here we can gain insight into the industrious people who made tiny Holland so prosperous and powerful back in the 17th century. Amsterdam. On the wall, 6,700 family names pay tribute to the 107,000 Jews deported and killed by the Nazis. So, everything you see, Rick — all the houses, all the bridges, and the walls of the canals — are built on wooden pilings. Here the master of tranquility and stillness shows an intimate street from his hometown of Delft. Several boat-tour companies shuttle tourists on a variety of routes covering different combinations of the city's top sights. Rick Steves on pedaling through bike-friendly Amsterdam. Its many other offerings include a Sunday afternoon program of silent films with live musical accompaniment, special exhibits on film-related themes, a free permanent exhibit in the basement, a shop, and a trendy terrace café with great waterside seating. first time we used citymundo.com and found the 4 of is an apartment on one of the canals, prinsengracht. One of the joys of visiting Amsterdam is simply being in this swirl of healthy, busy, biking Dutch. Amsterdam's famous gables include the point gable, bell gable, step gable, and neck gable. The suffering was horrific. Captaining your little ship is fun, and you're just minutes away from the idyllic canals of the Jordaan neighborhood. A RICK STEVES TOUR. Jews also found safe haven in Amsterdam. Rick: Oscar, how many plates altogether? ▲ Museumplein Square with art museums, street musicians, crafts, and nearby diamond demos. In Amsterdam! The Dutch worked hard, they were brilliant traders, and the wealthy had plenty of money to match their egos. Called "Our Lord in the Attic," it dates from 1661, when post-Reformation Dutch Catholics were forbidden to worship in public. While the Dutch were tolerating Catholics here, elsewhere, Catholic nations — in response to the Protestant Reformation — were expelling anyone who worshipped differently. ▲ Rembrandt's House The master's reconstructed house, displaying his etchings. For some help with the navigation, I'm joined by my friend and fellow tour guide, Rolinka Bloeming. For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, ▲ Dutch Theater Moving memorial in former Jewish detention center. ©2020 Rick Steves. Spending less than a week in Amsterdam? I used Rick Steves Amsterdam, Bruges and Brussels and liked it a lot, but there are lots of others. We will be flying from Rome to Amsterdam. The frugal Dutch made their simple buildings look fancy by adding ornate facades. And courageous moms with strollers did their part as well. But locals here conspired to give Catholics a place to worship— provided they kept a low profile. Europe's best-preserved 17th-century city, Amsterdam is quaint and jarring, traditional and modern. His unique style evolved beyond the Impressionists' — thicker paint, brighter colors, and swirling brushwork that made even inanimate objects pulse with life. Today we eat well, and our young people are the tallest in Europe. Get inspired with Rick Steves’ recommended places to go and things to do, with tips, photos, videos, and travel information on Amsterdam. Amsterdam. Just light entertainment, with a dose of folk wisdom. Helpful attendants at the reception desk can get you oriented. The Van Gogh Museum — laid out as a stroll through the story of Vincent's life — shows how intimately his life and art were intertwined. Uniquely entertaining Amsterdam shows off its Rembrandts and Van Goghs, more bikes than cars, flirting prostitutes, and pot-filled coffeeshops — all under tall, skinny facades leaning out over placid canals. Rolinka: Yes. Dimensions. It was built to showcase the art of the Dutch Golden Age. Don't miss the downstairs Treasury, containing precious Torah scrolls, ceremonial objects, textiles, and rare books, plus a slideshow on the history of this beloved synagogue, known as the Esnoga. Marijuana use is tolerated. Anne's room is still decorated with photos and magazine clippings — showing the idols, dreams, and passions of a 13-year-old girl. The Dutch call their approach to social problems like this "pragmatic harm reduction." For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, I enjoyed the layout, especially the section broken down by region. Vincent, who killed himself in 1890 at age 37, is best known for sunny, Impressionist canvases that vibrate and pulse with vitality. Explore Amsterdam! The worthwhile audioguide includes insightful commentaries and quotes from Vincent himself. Indonesian food is a popular choice, and the ultimate meal here is a grand rijsttafel. Rick: And how much can you buy in one visit? The community that gathered here was named for that Amstel dam — eventually, "Amsterdam.". And these kinds of dishes and spices came from Indonesia? Terms of Service | Privacy, Amsterdam, Netherlands: The Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Coffeeshops and Red Light District, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Cruising the Jordaan District's Canals, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Dutch Resistance Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands: The Van Gogh Museum. Home Paris Ghent Bruges Delft Amsterdam On the way... Epilogue Amsterdam. Coffeeshop worker: Yeah — we got all our sativa ones, make you happy, giggly; we got the indicas — that's more of a sleepy; got the organic ones; outdoor; and I've got a whole bunch of pre-rolled ones. Everything's in its place, and life seems very good. Rick Steves Germany is famously a work in progress — as is the nearby Netherlands — and that includes their sightseeing attractions. ▲ EYE Film Institute Netherlands Film museum and cinema complex housed in a futuristic building. Once a lively theater in the Jewish neighborhood, and today a moving memorial, this building was used as an assembly hall for local Jews destined for Nazi concentration camps. ‎ Bike cobblestone streets, cruise on charming canals, and stop and smell the tulips: with Rick Steves on your side, the Netherlands can be yours! In Rembrandt's Nightwatch we see another group portrait. Imagine this small church crammed with worshippers. We'll remember Anne Frank, we'll feast on Indonesian food —Dutch style, and we'll relax in Amsterdam's Vondelpark. Rick: So you grandparents actually lived through this. Hi, Coming to Amsterdam 09/30-10/2, this being this last stop before heading back to the US. ▲▲ Dutch Resistance Museum History of the Dutch struggle against the Nazis. 4.63 x 1 x 8.13 inches. This student, wanted by the Nazis, disguised himself as a woman. The Anne Frank House immerses you, in a very immediate way, in the struggles and pains of the war years. Rick Steves / Times Colonist January 9, 2021 06:00 AM Bikes are lined up on the canal bridge in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where cycling is the preferred mode of transport. Pistols were hidden in books. Free Shipping & Price Match Guarantee It's the local militia, which was also a fraternity of business bigwigs — a kind of Rotary Club of the 17th century. While creative and ground-breaking in its composition, some of those who paid the artist — like this guy — were probably none too pleased. Rolinka: Well, the soil is very swampy. They think if you smoke marijuana, you'll be smoking harder drugs. Make the most of every day and every dollar with Rick Steves Amsterdam & the Netherlands. Its humble chapel has served Amsterdam's English-speaking community since the 1600s. Rick Steves Amsterdam & the Netherlands (3rd ed.) …and there's a proper way to try each of the 28 dishes. Rolinka: It's called, uh, "Jordaan," this area. Series: Rick Steves' Europe Amsterdam. Amsterdam's port is still huge. This huge, lively city park is popular with the Dutch, and it's a favored venue for free summer concerts. In Rick Steves Amsterdam & the Netherlands you'll find in-depth Rick-tested information on:. Filled with history and still happy-go-lucky, it's a delight to explore. ▲ Leidseplein Lively square with cafés and street musicians. Publisher. Until next time, keep on travelin'. They tumble out of their hall, weapons drawn, ready to defend the city. This is one of Europe's most bike-friendly cities. Subscribe to get them all! Eventually, he was admitted to a local hospital. Rick: This has gotta be the most characteristic part of Amsterdam. Rick: Now, you have a menu with a lot of variety. Don't miss the silver collection and other exhibits of daily life from 300 years ago. Bulk books at wholesale prices. Bike cobblestone streets, cruise on charming canals, and stop and smell the tulips: with Rick Steves on your side, the Netherlands can be yours! Heralding the coming gentrification of the north side of the IJ waterway, EYE (a play on "IJ") is a complex of museum spaces and four theaters playing mostly art films (shown in their original language, with selections organized around various themes).

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