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Compared to traditional carriers, Rebtel can save you up to 95% on international calls. A list of 200 countries would be available to you, so you could place a call almost anywhere in the world. However, the quality generally is good but at times calls drops in the middle of your conversation and your money in the account decreases. 5. How do we do it? Call as much as you want to any phone in India and 50 other countries. and you would be a click away from benefiting from really cheap VoIP calls. Here at Rebtel, we think quality is just as important as the price. As a result, shipping and handling fees do not apply. Video at DVD-quality, 480p; Unlimited in Mexico & Canada; Unlimited Talk, text, and 4G LTE data; Up to 20GB Mobile hotspot data included; Keep all your devices connected at max 4G speeds; RedTel Unlimited Music $3.99/Month you guys really need to look into it. Send mobile top up to your friends in India. It will be all about voice quality within our awesome calling platform and performing the management of both reactive root-cause analysis and proactive trend analysis of our services. 012 global 1 act technologiez 1 Stop Financial Service Centers of America 1 to 3, LLC 1-800-HISPANO 100 101 Biz 10X Communications 11 to 25 123 1act technologies 1CTI 1st Guard Corp 2015 inc 2020 Venture Partners 24 7 fairs 24-7 COMMUNICATIONS 24/7 communications inc 247 Cloud Communications 2600hz 2700 Corporate Drive 2911 Inc 2gether wii can! Enjoy calling with Rebtel!-Mark Lowell Rebtel is the only international calling app with high-quality calls that don’t depend on internet.No calling card? Very competitive rates if your usage is high. Rebtel. When you call using World Credits you can expect to use these rates for different services in your country. Skype-Skype usually provides the best call quality. I am able to use Rebtel to dial calls to my friends in many parts of the world. All of the plans make it possible for you to get premium calls at the cheapest rates to India, so no matter which one you choose, Rebtel is the best calling app for you. Skype - Requires internet, call quality can vary depending on internet connection. Previously i was using skype features wise both are almost same. At Rebtel, we provide the best combination of all three. No hidden charges. It appears … I am not sure why they do that. Charges are low when compared to many other service providers. Customers have found REBTEL to be absolutely perfect. No need to understand VoIP protocols like SIP or WebRTC media handling. You are requesting a quote and other information regarding your telecommunications Hearing that you found in Rebtel the best quality and affordable price you were looking for your international calls, is the best thing we could hope for! more less. Level 3 has been selected to provide wholesale voice services to Austin, Texas-based iTalk Global Communications. Refunds on unused minutes are handled by Rebtel's … You will be part of the Service NOC team and take ownership in the identification and resolution of faults. No problem. Call family & friends all over the world Make sure the country you need to call is accessible with the card, and compare per minute costs between several different brands of cards. WhatsApp - Free but requires internet for both caller and receiver, call quality can vary depending on internet connection. Free to start. Learn more. a friend recommended rebtel and as registering is quite easy I gave it a try. All calls within USA are free. Excellent Jul 13, 2020. Right there on the signup page, you would fill out the form with details such as the location you would be calling from, the phone you would be utilizing, etc. No mobile phone? Useful. Vonage Business Solutions Review (formerly Vocalocity) | VoIP Provider, Jive Communications Review | VoIP Provider, Cheapest VOIP Calls - Learn to Make Cheap VoIP Calls. View Oromeni Olayiwole’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. How many times has it happened that such services make bold claims, yet fail out in the end or even seem to be cheating you? Rebtel is a great, cheap way to make international calls to your loved ones with crystal clear voice quality. Landline and mobile calls are supported. If that’s too much to believe you can still go ahead and try out the cheap VoIP calls through REBTEL, in fact, since the first call is entirely free, it is a good way for you test out the company and its services. We're glad to have received your compliments and we promise to keep delivering a high-quality service especially when it comes to international calls. Each time you would be calling, you would simply provide the international number while you would be provided a distinct REBTEL local number to dial internationally and best of all, you would be using your own phone. At the forefront of the evolution of "voice as an application" are new Web services platforms from vendors like REBTEL or iotum. Think of it as the best digital calling card out there. We are happy that you are satisfied with our service. Founded in 2009, you don’t have to pay for Google Voice. Now dial the area code (2-4 digits) if you’re calling a landline. That is indeed right; it is in fact the most basic trait about the website. The experts at VoipReview have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of Google Voice and Rebtel and detailed analysis of the comparison can be found below. Get started with Rebtel and make cheap international calls with our app. Just cheap international calling over premium-quality lines to landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world. but in peak hours Rebtel voice quality is very poor when compared to skype, so because of this reason i also bought skype minutes. India Unlimited - If you call India often, this is the cheapest way to get reliable, premium-quality calls. Call as much as you want to any phone in India. Rebtel Free Shipping Policy. I've been using Rebtel for over 3 years calling from US to Europe and from Europe to US. Global Unlimited - If you call multiple countries internationally, then this plan is for you. Isome good and some bitter experiences. Dial the international access code (usually 00 or +). While I really like their Rebtel’s call quality and app, I hate that their system deducts and steals extra (2-3) minutes anytime you end a call. Available for iOS and Android Download the app. That’s why we do both: get you the lowest rates with the highest quality connection to India. Regardless of the way you choose to use this service, you can expect high voice quality and great customer service. I only spoke for 8:02mins but will be charge 11mins. It works like Jajah and call quality is like normal phone calls. Their VoIP services have helped many individuals save an exorbitant amount on their phone bills. Google Voice. If you’re calling a mobile, skip this step. Indeed, it is our commitment to provide you an excellent call quality at a low price. That’s why Rebtel is the best app for calling India. Rebtel and Jajah used to be better for calling PSTN calls than Skype but that might have changed now. No wi-fi? Rebtel’s SDK could also be used by developers to create their own branded mobile VoIP app without building their own back end. Paid options cost 1.8¢/minute with a 5.9¢ connection fee per call and internet is needed to initiate the call. With the Rebtel app, you choose the best way to place international calls to India. Thank you for choosing Rebtel! Compare Google Voice vs Rebtel. They can also improve the dialing speed. The rates that you would discover at REBTEL would be found to be quite competitive as compared to other VoIP services and really reasonable for you. Using Rebtel's Voice Platform for in-app calling means game developers can offer players the opportunity to phone a friend for strategy tips without ever having to leave the game environment, and dating apps can now offer the ability for real-time voice calls for better matchmaking possibilities. Try Rebtel today for easy calling access! Signing up is simple, and their apps work … To call India from anywhere in the world using Rebtel, simply: Easy—simply sign up for one of our Unlimited Calling plans: Here’s how to call India from Canada with the Rebtel app: In the app, first dial the exit code (011). Our different plans fit your calling needs while maintaining premium-quality connections at the lowest possible rates, without the need for internet. So when you get what you need without much effort you want more, that’s human nature and in Rebtel's case more is possible in the form of Conference / Group calls. The Rebtel Voice Platform makes it easy to add VoIP calling in any Android or iOS app: - Quick to start: Make your first VoIP call from within your app in a few minutes. The world's largest communications and technology event will return in 2012 to the Austin Convention Center where you will discover more new insights, new products and networking to keep you and your company ahead of the curve. So, if you to want to call international numbers using VoIP technology, dialing directly from your mobile or landline phone, then REBTEL is in fact the best VOIP service that would totally enhance your calling experience. There are so many calling apps now to help you reach your loved ones in India: Rebtel - Premium-quality calls, no internet needed, costs anywhere from 2.78¢/minute for pay-as-you-go or $10/month for unlimited subscriptions. Who isn’t looking for cheap calls today? The job will be therefore hands-on and going from conducting investigations to adapting our monitoring capabilities to ensure top‐notch quality … Although it’s more expensive, the calls are higher-quality and more stable. Find out whether Google Voice or Rebtel is better for your VoIP business or home needs. We make international calling simple, reliable, and cheap based on your unique calling behavior. Rebtel - Premium-quality calls, no internet needed, costs anywhere from 2.78¢/minute for pay-as-you-go or $10/month for unlimited subscriptions. If that’s too much to believe you can still go ahead and try out the cheap VoIP calls through REBTEL, in fact, since the first call is entirely free, it is a good way for you test out the company and its services. Add the area code (2 or 3 digits) if calling a landline. Share. Rebtel has a collection of apps, so you're covered whatever device you'd like to use to make … Thank you for choosing Rebtel! I am not sure why they do that. Make Rebtel your VoIP service. We connect international calls using local landlines so that you get better quality at a lower cost, without needing data or Wi-Fi. Go to ». By Agarciamores80. I love it and I'm sure that you do too. Why choose Rebtel? Premium and special rate numbers not included. We are using the service to make calls from HK to UK, voice quality is good. Very happy with Rebtel app. Customers have found REBTEL to be absolutely perfect. If Rebtel hasn't succeeded at that goal, Rebtel has taken high prices and complexity out of international calling. Add VoIP calling in your app with a few lines of code. Great voice quality - Rebtel’s smart routing solution automatically connects your calls with the best possible quality to … Once you begin using the best VOIP service offered by REBTEL you would never want to touch a calling card again. Voice quality very good. REBTEL is indeed the way you would want to call. If Rebtel hasn't succeeded at that goal, Rebtel has taken high prices... MegaPath is a Voice over Internet Protocol provider that provides business-oriented voice solutions along with business internet, network & security, and cloud IT solutions for businesses of all sizes in all industries. Hi Vasilis, thanks for the 5 star rating and for the wonderful comment! I have watched this over and over. Call India for free by trying any of our plans! I am regularly calling to India from USA. Since its all hassle free, without the requirement of pin codes and what not, calling through REBTEL would always found to be convenient. Call any mobile or landline at the lowest rates. Our online calling service works with any other phone, landline or mobile. - Easy to use. Thank you. I have been using rebtel for 2 months. Calls are clear. You are here: Home » Best VoIP Provider » Rebtel Review | VoIP Provider. Rebtel uses a pay-as-you-go system for its service. Also, they charge US dollars and when converting to Canadian it’s much higher so the value that I get isn’t fair what so ever. Works with any phone - Rebtel has applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and PC. - iOS and Android. Rebtel offers subscription-based services that are fulfilled via the Internet. You made our day! Some cards are restricted in terms of in which countries they cover. Oromeni has 4 jobs listed on their profile. To figure out the best calling app for you, you want to consider the cost, the quality, and the flexibility. Best quality… We automatically find the best phone line to connect your call through. A venture capital-funded start-up, Rebtel began in 2006 with the goal of 'taking the phony out of mobile telephony.' Viber - Price starts at 2.5¢/minute, requires internet, call quality can vary depending on internet connection. And Rebtel's really easy to use, too. Rebtel Return Policy. Rebtel. While I really like their Rebtel’s call quality and app, I hate that their system deducts and steals extra (2-3) minutes anytime you end a call. Messaging apps could easily add voice service using Rebtel, which also allows them to call fixed phone numbers. Paid options cost 1.8¢/minute with a 5.9¢ connection fee per call and internet is needed to initiate the call. Skype - Requires internet, call quality can vary depending on internet connection. World Credits - If you’re not sure how often you’ll call India but you want a cheaper rate per minute, then this is the way to go. Thanks to them my bill is much less. There is no contract and absolutely no hidden fees. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make reasonable quality international calls at good price. Making cheap VoIP calls through REBTEL is not such a difficult task, in fact it is all broken down into steps and you would learn about them right on the website. Please refer to our Privacy Policy or Contact Us for more details. the test-call was too short to get an impression of the quality. We're so grateful to you for giving us such wonderful feedback! For a flat monthly fee of $10, you can reach 53 countries by phone with Rebtel. Rebtel makes it easy to track your minutes and keep your costs down. I liked rebtel, the voice is very clear, it is absolutely cheap but why i have given 3 stars is because while i call other person i am getting rintone actually but the other person could not get the call, this happened to me many times other than this everything is pretty good. ... How does Rebtel work? You would notice that REBTEL is free from all such scams, so all that you would pay for is the calls that you make. Best Regards, Jeff All you need to do is sign up on the website where the first call you make would be free. The … Therefore I was looking for a cheap and reliable voip-supplier. Rebtel is convenient to use with the app but they can improve the voice quality to create a better calling experience. Rebtel gives me a personal number and I can connect automatically. Sometimes calling cards to India are so low quality that it’s not even worth the lower costs. No hidden charges would ever be asked nor do you even pay for signing up to the website. In Peak Hours voice quality is very poor. Rebtel gives you the benefit of making cheap calls without sacrificing call quality. Don’t believe us? Rebtel charges three times higher than other companies for international calls. Then dial the country code for India (91). Toggle navigation Prepare for your expatriation, organise your relocation, compare services while … fortunately I got a voucher for some minutes through a… Another app with a huge reputation is Google Voice. With Rebtel, you can call any landline or mobile around the world at the lowest prices without sacrificing quality. needs. Under the contract, Level 3 will provide iTalk with wholesale voice and local inbound calling services. I … Lebanon: Rebtel is the world’s largest independent mobile VoIP company. Voice is becoming embedded in sites, applications, and other services, sometimes by third party developers but also by the original provider. Rebtel is starting a revolution.

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