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A working environment where every employee looks forward to coming back to. After all, why should the leader think of an employee’s enrichment, his job is to grow the company, right? Choosing to be happy at work means avoiding negative conversations, gossip, and unhealthy work relationships as much as possible. In the workplace, a lot of today’s employees place significant value in recognition for their work. And it works both ways. So, it’s your job to make sure they know what that looks like. Companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20%. Honesty, compassion, and respect, especially from management, go a long way toward creating a happy workplace. To create that kind of environment, it takes … Your Happy Workplace teams up with awesome small businesses just like yours to develop custom work cultures that are more profitable for you and better for your team. Everyone benefits from a happy workplace. And most important of all, it reduces the work-related stresses as fitness levels and healthy eating can reduce the stress levels. When you couple the benefits of having a happy workplace with the overall improvement to your coworkers’ lives, making conscious upgrades to your culture is a no-brainer. Make it known that work/life balance is a priority by offering work-from-home Fridays, unlimited vacation days, discounts on surrounding health and wellness programs, or childcare options. I think it’s safe to say that not one working person likes to be micromanaged. A happy workplace is usually a productive, flexible and resilient workplace. If you are happy, you will be curious about whatever you come across and this is the mindset you need your employees to have in this modern setting that requires constant learning. Simple, everyday gestures of appreciation in the workplace have proven to work magic in bringing teams closer, lift employee morale, and improve overall productivity. Your email address will not be published. Many want to work in an environment of reduced stress. Everyone in the company feels good about Ben’s work and we can see a glimpse of a happy workplace there. In conclusion, a positive and happy workplace environment leads to more success in long term as it increases positive emotions and well-being. Sound too good to be true? 121 Employee Wellness Program Ideas Providing engaging work environments, status-based recognition, and fun can be more beneficial than tangible rewards. What do you think would be there secrets? Your employees are your company's greatest brand ambassadors. Giving back to the community opens team members’ eyes in realizing work for the greater good is really what it’s all about. We’ve already pointed out the fact that a happy work culture attracts good people. All you need to do just keep the essentials on your desk and wipe out all the other old clutters that you do not require. It’s the product of both physical and intangible changes that makes a more harmonious workplace. By offering consistent praise and recognition, your team will be excited and eager to contribute to company-wide initiatives. “A good boss is a person who can tolerate any complain and still manage to say hello to his team every day.”. A study carried out at the University of Warwick to explore how happiness impacts on a person’s productivity and work ethic concluded that a happy workspace made people 12% more productive. Offering incentives that improve a team member’s overall quality of life show that you care about their wellbeing. Our brains aren’t built for extended focus and we should stop testing its limits. Later when Ben Whittaker (role played by Robert De Niro) clears it, a huge smile of relief spreads across the face of CEO. Big names in the corporate world have learned that fostering a fun and learning environment … Create a welcoming environment. And, they’re more likely to stick around long-term. It keeps them happy, focused and more productive at work. Happy people create a happy company culture, so it’s important to take the time to study facial expressions, responses and genuineness when interviewing potential candidates. You therefore need to pick a leaf from them: create and maintain a happy workplace so that … A happy and positive work environment equals a more productive one. 25 Virtual Holiday Party Ideas For Spirited Festive Fun Heed Shawn’s advice and develop a habit of expressing gratitude on a daily basis. We use cookies to create the best site experience. Majority of the well deserving employees tend to leave their jobs if they feel underappreciated at their workplace. Why should anyone in your organisation thank you for doing your work? I have been working for 40+ years and times have changed, thank goodness. A simple “thank you” is better than nothing – it kind of lets your employees know what they should keep doing more. You are the one who hired your irreplaceable team members. High productivity creates a happy workplace. Showing you know and recognize their individual interests can go a long way! As a manager, you get to know more about your employees and a personal bonding is created in such kind of outings. Your company’s workplace environment can be one of your brand’s biggest assets.. Workplaces play a vital role in the growth and success of organizations. Safety in workplace also includes elimination of negative personalities and respecting every employer – be it an intern or an experienced senior team member. Keeping this cookie enabled helps us to improve our website. That means you need to get a little picky about the people you add to your team. Your team members probably want the same exact things. Be it automated, nomination-based or peer rewards – the platform covers it all. Sitting at a desk all day or conversing with customers for long periods of time, day in and day out, can no doubt become mind-numbing. workplace Photos. But every talent out there is not best for your work culture. We can’t stress enough how creating an environment that makes everyone feel comfortable equates to happy employees. These are the people who will make your workplace happier. Christina Morillo. Companies that invest for their employee’s health have seen big difference in the productivity of their team. And it works both ways. That is simply not true. Unhappy workplaces can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, which can lead to disengaged workers. Companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20%. Careers A clean and less clutter workplace can do wonders for an employee’s mood, productivity and morale. Creating a pleasant workplace full of happy people contributes directly to the bottom line.” Bearing this in mind, we have listed nine ways you can create workplace happiness: 1. Were you aware that feeling underappreciated at work is the #1 reason Americans leave their jobs? A happy work environment attracts good people and in turn, promotes a culture of productivity and accountability – a stressful environment will most definitely destroy your company culture. In the current situation, COVID-19 pandemic might make you think if you really need any outings for your employees. Ok, I know you’re probably thinking, That’s great, Sean, but can I really create a happier work environment for my team without breaking my back? How can a healthy workforce help prevent absence? Ruth Ostrow. Creating a happy work environment obviously has some incredible perks, but it’s not always the easiest task. Happy employees are more creative, innovative and dedicated than their unhappy counterparts. Would you not believe that personal development is the basic need of every human being and that you need to constantly grow in order to feel the fulfilment? Science proves it: workplace happiness matters. The Importance of a Positive Environment in the Workplace. Here are some tips to improve your workplace. With these 12 tips, a little love and some elbow grease, we know you can elevate the happiness of your team. 31 Sensational Swag Bag Ideas Contact Us If you are working on a project and your boss keeps pestering you asking for the status, would you like it? Well, everyone knows life is not worth wasting thinking about the negativities around. While you can’t control their coffee spills, you can control the work environment they experience. 1. Great leaders know the fact that employee development is a critical part in creation of any lasting business. Investing in your team is an important aspect of creating an enduring, long-lasting business as well as reducing the turnover for the organisation. Whenever you need an advice or support in a difficult situation, you often tend to depend upon your friends or family members, right? A positive environment can encourage employee engagement, foster meaningful connections, and increase profit. In Summary. Online Accessibility Statement, Pricing Does he or she feel genuinely interested in talking to you and understanding the role? Do you ensure its adequate availability to your employees? It is true that more than half of the managers world-wide are ineffective in showing empathy or building relationships with their employees. (AUDIO) How Can I Create a Happy Workplace Environment? Its primary purpose is to help employees reach short and long-term goals and improve current job performance. Merin - also liked to be known as Racheal Bob is a software engineer and a budding HR professional by passion. Being Happy at Work Matters Just trying to get through the day isn’t enough. To date, we’ve donated over 2 million meals! The key is to be consistent. Ensuring office floors with covered or taped down electrical cables to prevent employees from tripping over, rat-free office spaces, avoiding cracked ceilings, etc should allow employees to worry less about their safety at work. Many studies & workplace reports show that happiness has a direct correlation to your business’s bottom line. She is also a great cook and during her free times she keeps experimenting with new dishes. To ensure these implementations are long-lived, practice them daily and remind your team often that they are an integral part of the company. And why should you thank any of your colleagues or subordinates for doing the work that they are paid for? Make happiness your priority and your working environment will improve. Does it contribute to a happy workplace culture? What creates a happy environment for one of us may cause difficulty or stress for someone else. Tell them that instead of coming into the office on Monday, they have to do one thing that brings them joy like writing, getting a jump start on their side hustle or playing with their kids. Hiring these kinds of people can help you achieve a happier workplace. Here are tips to help you. AlignThoughts has brought to you some exciting happy Positive thinking will eventually bring positive outcomes for your team and contribute to a happy workplace. It’s important to create a caring environment and show each employee that their contributions are valuable, and that their supervisors care about them as people. While you can’t control their coffee spills, you can control the work environment they experience. Happy Workplace Leadership Programme. Choose from a variety of items your team will love, and have each piece customized with your company logos, colors, taglines, and more. Tech Blog You can either experience the platform with their free trial or simply contact their team to get ideas on how to reinvent your company’s culture of appreciation. Creating a happy work environment obviously has some incredible perks, but it’s not always the easiest task. It is necessary to create a friendly work environment using happy workplace ideas. Below are some simple tips that businesses can adopt to ensure that its workers are healthy, happy, and productive. Keep these fresh ideas coming. However, in reality everyone wants to communicate and interact with other people. A happy work environment attracts good people and in turn, promotes a culture of productivity and accountability – a stressful environment will most definitely destroy your company culture. Happiness expert Shawn Achor said it best in an interview with Forbes: Shawn says, “The greater access to inner happiness, the greater your experience of success throughout your life.”. Yes, happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees. There are several ways how a clean workplace affects the quality of work of your employees. Focusing too hard on something for a long time doesn’t help much. Creating a Productive & Happy Work Environment. In such scenarios, no one would want to upset their bosses. With features to setup unlimited reward workflows that best fit your organization, Xoxoday Empuls helps appreciation flow freely. For some, it may be a quick “You did it!” shout-out during a meeting. Perhaps, you hired them in your team because you trusted them, right? Giving feedback to your employees can be considered as one of the best ways to help your employees thrive at their work. “Learning to stand in somebody else’s shoes, to see through their eyes, that’s how peace begins. Without flexibility, leaders run the risk of an “unhappy” workplace. Your direct reports feel valued when they are regularly updated with feedbacks on their personal performances, as well as business updates. Your team members want to feel and be happy, so give them a little nudge in the morning with a big old smile that says, “I’m happy you are here and I want you to love your job.”. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Employees who feel happiness at work tend to be more creative, innovative as well as dedicated towards their work and company than their counterparts. The reasons for poor workplace health are widespread and include long irregular hours, ... workplace policy and management provides advice on how to develop the culture of an organisation to create a positive environment. Any one workplace can have characteristics of multiple environments, and how you string them all together depends on your brand, culture and the attitudes of those you work with. Benefits of a happy workplace flow to the employees and company. Choosing to be happy at work means avoiding negative conversations, gossip, and unhealthy work relationships as much as possible. You should avoid micromanaging at all costs. by . A Happy Workplace Environment not only does help your employees to do their best within the company, but also helps to attract good talented people to the organisation. Think for a second! Having happy employees in the organization is only possible when you create a happy workplace. Dominika Roseclay. Getting to know your team is one of the best things to do to create a happy culture and a happy workplace. Completely agree with you, employee morale is pivotal to company success. Creating a Productive & Happy Work Environment. Pop around the office periodically and see how everyone is doing. And a happy wallpaper should bring a wide smile on your face. “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” — William Arthur Ward. Everyone wants to feel like what they’re doing at work matters. The fact is, if you are not willing to invest in your employees, then you are not investing in the long-term growth of your business. Make your greeting even more joy-inducing with a fabulous swag box from Swag.com. Positive and happy people create a supportive and positive work environment, whereas negative and self-centered people tend to create toxic workspaces. It also requires a lot of effort on your end. Top five steps to creating a positive workplace 1: Create a culture where people leave on time and take a full lunch break away from their desks With too much sitting said to be bad for health , make sure that your team is getting the opportunity to walk around / leave their desks on a regular basis. Even if your workplace doesn’t provide much for your team, you can set up your own internal sweepstakes or fantasy sport leagues to help boost happiness and keep things on track. How It Works Not everyone loves their job. For even more wellness program ideas, check this article out. Your email address will not be published. 79 Unique Gifts For Employees The Best Employee Recognition Software Platforms Did you know that on an average we take around 23,000 breaths per day? And a simple way to break barriers can be using the greetings, avoid it and you will be hardly noticed! – Bill Gates”. You can learn all about the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, in Gary Chapman and Paul White’s book or online here. Finding out that Lucy is a wedding singer may give you a new respect and appreciation for her, in addition to her professional skills. But what if you could make your workplace your happy place… Going further, the research explains that disengaged workers had: Now that sounds like it could get expensive. This is very grate tips. But do you think, these kinds of behaviours encourage growth and success in the organisation? Studies show that disengaged workers have higher absenteeism, more errors and defects, and sometimes even get into more accidents at work. Not to mention, the cost of disengagement. thank you for the post. Send out a quick email or commence a team huddle to get their feedback on how they prefer to be recognized or complimented when and where credit is due. This should clear any doubts you have related to the importance of air quality, required to do work in our day to day lives. team members’ productivity and energy levels, 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, 5 tips to help you give impactful feedback, 39 Thoughtful Employee Appreciation Ideas, 59 Ridiculously Fun Virtual Happy Hour Ideas, 100 Fun Office Games & Activities for Employees, 25 Virtual Holiday Party Ideas For Spirited Festive Fun, 74 Insanely Fun Team Building Activities for Work, The Best Employee Recognition Software Platforms, 121 Corporate Gift Ideas Your Clients and Customers Will Love, Prepare and distribute a list of healthy dining options in a 2-mile radius of your office so your team isn’t wasting time Googling “healthy lunch near me”, Arrange for bike racks and provide “bike to work” promotional materials, Negotiate corporate discounts for health club memberships, Hire a yoga instructor or mindfulness specialist to come into the office once a week or month to reduce team members’ stress. Every employee in his or her workspace would want to have comfortable and safe environment to work. 1. Why? Communicate it at regular intervals (weekly or monthly) rather than all at once (semi-yearly or yearly). You can learn all about training and development of IDPs in this article. Their hard work, focus and dedication needs more than just the office furniture, computers and stationaries. This will actually make team members ultra-productive during the following workdays as they should be well rested, refreshed and more than ready to tackle projects. These are all noted and I will definitely share your content. The use of this tool in an organisation can create an impression amongst the employees that the company is serious about investing in them and can drive them to perform better in their work. In the last fifty years, researchers studying the methods of motivating employees and building great teams have found that the single most important motivator turns out to be “clear expectations.” The process of creating a good workplace starts with the company’s hiring process. Creating a positive workplace atmosphere is crucial in terms of both workplace happiness and your team members’ productivity and energy levels, and that all starts with you setting a cheerful tone. However, it requires some amount of thought process and preparation to identify them. However, there are few leaders who would like to assume that personal and professional development is the responsibility of an individual and the company need not invest in it. Well, I am talking here about the snacks & beverages. Here are 15 things you can do immediately to create a better office environment: 1. A working environment where every employee looks forward to coming back to. But then also asks; what do you do once you have found them? A happy workplace is where people are doing meaningful work, in a company culture with high levels of freedom, responsibility, and trust. A simple “Thank You” can go a long way! Annie McKee; by . Therefore, the company needs to ensure that these things are available to the employees as and when required. Celebrate project completions and accomplishments with team, 16. It’s the product of both physical and intangible changes that makes a more harmonious workplace. The Swag team will pack everything in. With proper balance, the employees are motivated and less stressed at work. Employees who feel trusted and supported, without being hovered over, are statistically more relaxed and confident in the job they do. The workers do not feel as if they're trapped in a dead end job, instead of … Acknowledging the efforts made by your employees with gratitude show that your employees matter. For more info visit: Privacy Policy & settings. If employees feel like they are constantly on their boss’s radar, they are not going to perform the way they normally would, and they will begin to resent their job. You can use an IDP to develop a better understanding of your team’s professional and personal goals including their strengths and areas they want to improve on. A quick recognition mail, a shout-out during team meeting complimenting the work, monthly or quarterly award for team members or even a simple feedback can help the managers to motivate their employees. Guides and Resources There can be situations where you and your team didn’t achieve the expected results. When the atmosphere is friendly, work is no longer a necessity but a pleasure. So why don’t you trust them now, while they are working for you? You need to give them a little space and a sense of autonomy. Work loneliness may not sound like a huge deal, but it makes a big difference when it comes to success in business. I shared it on our companies Yammer site! Below are a few simple ideas to help boost happiness at your workplace: Be friendly. If team members feel afraid to ask a question, that is a big problem. Please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences! “HR Shelf, provides the latest HR and employment related news for HR professionals. We look at five areas you can work on to create a happy work environment. Stay Updated with our latest news straight into your inbox! So, it’s important to create a happy workplace to get a person that brings laughter to the workplace and will improve productivity and motivation for the whole office as that happy, optimistic … Thank Tom for coming in early to make a deadline and let Hana know that her diligence with a difficult client is not going unnoticed. Starr states that when offering feedback from a place of respect, a leader can “move an employee away from undesirable behavior and cement the thinking and behavior that lead to personal and professional excellence.”. It doesn’t help anyone if half the day is spent recording and reporting what tasks were checked off and which ones weren’t, so, give your team the trust and creative freedom that they deserve by setting clear expectations and fair boundaries. This one should come naturally, but many managers don’t see the value because they are afraid of “crossing the line” into unprofessional territory. Handcrafted in Los Angeles. Take the Quiz Its very common in corporate culture, where managers are often heard saying “Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions”. Bring in Plants, Air fresheners and have Open windows, 6 Best Practices to improve employee engagement. 21 Best Ways to Create a Happy Workplace Environment in 2020, Thanks for subscribing. Toxic people can spoil the environment for everyone else very quickly. Loved all your ideas about this happy workplace. A happy employee is a productive one. The reality is, the attitude we bring to work plays a big part. A clean workspace gives you a great push when you want to start new things or tasks. Member Reviews Some of the basic traits to understand a happy personality would be to check the following: Is the candidate smiling when you meet them face to face? Happy Employees Mean More Money for the Business An older study looked at companies that made it onto the Fortune Top 100 Companies to Work list from 1998 to 2005 and found that companies on the list saw a 14% increase in stock price , compared to an average of 6% for companies … Incorporating Starr’s tips, you will treat your feedback sessions as two-way conversations, and invite team members to ask questions. Giving out desirable tokens of appreciation has never been easier or more attractive. The managers can set 3-4 professional as well as personal goals each year for their employees and then rate them based on their performance. This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. Create a Positive Atmosphere. 6 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility, 6.1 HSSE & Social Responsibility Management, 6.1.5 Human Resources, Competence and Training Keywords Happiness, Workplace Environment, Employees Wellbeing Downloads 0 in the last 30 days 54 since 2007 Show more detail View rights & permissions A happy workplace is usually a productive, flexible and resilient workplace. “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” –Winston Churchill. Make sure you are transparent and open in your approach so both of you get the most out of your “mini-mentoring” session. The employees can turn out to be ultra-productive in the following days after having a well relaxed and refreshing time outside the work. Effective leaders understand the power of feedbacks, as they use it as a lever to increase the sense of learning and vitality among the employees. Career development Another important factor that contributes to your work environment is to what extent you can grow as a professional in your job. In particular, a study cited by Harvard Business Review is part of a growing body of research on the impact of a positive organizational environment on benefits for employers, employees, and the bottom line. Using it to offer constructive criticism and positive recognition clears the air of confusion and communicates how an employee’s behavior aligns with company results.

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